Bugs and snakes and jungle - this job ain't fun any more.
  -- Roadblock (marching through a jungle with Recondo and Blowtorch)
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"Baby! Wha'd they do to ya?"
- Gung Ho (talking to his gun, which was mangled during an experiment)

Thanks to Timber pulling a towel and glass of water to the floor, Cover Girl uses the damp towel to filter the fumes from her nose and mouth. With the bomb between the gun barrels of the VAMP, she races outside and swerves, causing the bomb to fly into the sky before it explodes.

Dr. Vandermeer explains to the Joes that there is a remote possibility that the synthetic flakes created could serve as a subsitute for the last element to fuel their MASS device. However, the test object, Gung Ho's gun, which he calls "Baby," is teleported from the floor to Snake Eyes in a warped condition.

Since the experiment was a failure, Dr. Vandermeer sadly concludes that the third element is indeed needed to fuel the MASS device, and he adds that the element can be found in South American volcano, which is part of an area known as the Ring of Fire. Before the Joes start their mission, however, Stalker appears on the ultra-secret white transmission frequency and announces that G.I.Joe forces will be surrendering to Cobra Commander.

At Cobra headquarters, Cobra Commander tells Destro that the Joes don't know that Cobra is eavesdropping so he believes what he sees, but Destro remains pessimistic and leaves Cobra Commander to lead resupply mission for the third element. Depressed that he is not having any fun on his day of triumph, Ramar is instructed by Cobra Commander to entertain him. Moments before Ramar can throw a spear at the commander, Ramar's headband is reactivated and soon he is fighting a robot with a iron morningstar, an iron ball with spikes and attached to a chain.

Gung Ho decides to play with the models of the Joe vehicles behind Stalker as Stalker continues to explain the status of the surrender. Fortunately, Gung Ho was in the scene while Stalker was off the air. Scarlett enters the room and congratulates Stalker on a part well-played, which sets Stalker at ease since his only acting experience was playing a pumpkin in a Thanksgiving play. Scarlett continues to explain that when Breaker discovered Cobra had hacked into the ultra-secret white band, they decided to use the information to their advantage by showing a false surrender.

The retrieval job of the third element, code-named Operation: Biglift, involves three Dragonflies dropping magnets attached to wires onto the metallic meteorite and lifting the meteor to safety. When one magnet from the first set snaps, the Joes drop more magnets. With all three Dragonflies pulling the meteor up, the extraction is successful. Destro, however, leads the Cobra forces to the meteorite and they shoot the wires causing the meteorite falls back into the volcano. Destro then orders the planes to fire at a specific height on the side of the volcano, causing the volcano to explode and sending the meteorite flying through the air.

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