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Credits: written by Gordon Kent

Production Number: 600-21

Original Airdate: October 3, 1985

A Cobra agent steals a sample of an experimental nitrogen rocket fuel. He’s captured by the Joes - but the nitrogen fuel is missing. He’s hidden it in a greenhouse, where the volatile mixture acts like a supercharged nitrogen fertilizer to create a new and entirely unexpected menace: mutated killer vegetables. [Notes: The episode’s story editor was Larry Parr; although the vegetables were mutated to enormous proportions, they did not consciously try to kill people, so the description is slightly misleading]

G.I.Joe: Alpine, Bazooka, Wild Bill, Barbecue, Airtight, Breaker, Shipwreck, Polly, Dusty* Cobra: Crimson Guard #9, Cobra Commander, Destro, Crimson Guards, Tomax, Xamot
G.I.Joe: Silver Mirage motorcycle, Dragonfly, Mauler, Sky Hawk Cobra: FANG, CLAW
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

The exterior shot of Cobra's base may have been borrowed from the episode "Cobra Soundwaves."

After Cobra Commander's quickly dismisses the bean's potential as a weapon and tosses it out of a window, the bean begins to grow upward toward Cobra's base in the form of a stalk, which somewhat parallels the fairy tale "Jack and the Bean Stalk." In the tale, Jack meets an old man and trades the family cow for some magic beans, which are thrown out a window by Jack's very cross mother, who sends Jack to bed without supper. But the beans grow to enormous heights during the night. The character of "Jack" in the episode could be considered as Destro who tries to convince his mother, Cobra Commander, about the bean's potential. However, like Jack's mother, Cobra Commander tosses the bean out of the window and sends Destro to the dungeons.

During the Crimson Guard polling scene, the female Cobra agent is seen wearing a blue jacket (a Cobra agent's uniform color) over a white t-shirt displaying what appears to be a Cobra symbol.

Why did Tomax and Xamot use Crimson Guards to search the greenhouses for the rocket fuel when they could have examined the police blotter to find out where the Cobra agent was arrested since the information is available to the public? (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes)

Tomax: Wait! I’ve got -
Xamot: - a marvelous idea.
Tomax: We’ll blanket the city -
Xamot: - with Crimson Guards dressed like normal people. We’ll find the canister -
Tomax: - in no time.
Tomax and Xamot: Brilliant!
Old man: Whatcha doin', missy?
Woman: Just taking a census. You just have the one greenhouse, sir?
Old man: Any fool can see that.
Woman: Do you grow banana plants in pots?
Old man: I sure do and you can buy them at the county fair tomorrow. Now, git!
House wife: No, we don’t grow banana plants in our greenhouse, but I’d still like a free copy of your magazine.
Salesman: Forget it!
Homeowner: No, you cannot sack out in my greenhouse among my potted banana plants. (closes door) Sleeping with banana plants? Sheesh! Must be from California.
Destro: None of the Crimson Guard troopers have been able to find the fuel sample yet.
Time: 47 seconds (dialogue); 52 seconds (animation)
Notes: Cobra Commander states “This is your fault, Destro" during the last shot of the cut footage. However, the USA Network cut out the animation for this shot and spliced the line as a voice-over with the previous shot, which features an exterior view of Cobra's base. As a result, Destro's voice-over was lost.


Polly: How would know, barnacle breath?
Shipwreck: Cut me some slack, Polly.
Time: 8 seconds


As explained by Barbecue, since a firefighter's job is to extinguish fires, you shouldn't delay rescue operations by starting false alarms.
Same as above


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Music Clip: Heard while the camera focuses on the jail cell of Crimson Guard number nine. [160 kb]

Sound Clip: Cobra Commander tells Destro that the loss of the formula is his fault, and when Destro explains that he wasn’t even at the lab or the city, Cobra Commander tells him that Destro should have been there. Destro then warns Cobra’s leader that he is beginning to foam at the mouth again. [286 kb]

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