I don’t know, but I ain’t eating it until I find out.
  -- Low-Light (to Sci Fi while looking at an unidentifiable part of their meal)
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"Yeah, that germ’s doing the squirms."
- Roadblock (before the germ undergoes mitosis)

The two Joes take off and Airtight enters the germ and is so awestruck by the wreckage and makeup of the germ that he doesn’t answer Ace until he begins radioing back to Joe headquarters that the germ is interferring with his transmission to Airtight. Suddenly, explosions errupt inside the germ.

As bombs from the Cobra base detonate inside the germ, Ace tells Airtight that the mission has been cancelled and he is ordered to get out, but Airitight explains that he could fly out if wanted since steering inside the germ is like driving a truck in jello across a minefield. Airtight turns off his radio and steers through the mine field successfully, avoids corresive enzymes and discovers the nucleus.

On a hilltop, Flint explains to Scarlett that there is no way for the Joes to know what has happened to Airtight since he cut off his radio while inside the germ. Behind Scarlett, Flint and Roadblock, Dusty holds back the scientist from the lab which was robbed by Agent X-99 and yells at Dusty that he must speak to his commanding officer since he knows all about the germ’s origins. Flint learns from the doctor, who first explains that he does not work for Cobra, that the germ was created due to the misuse of anti-biotics, that nothing known to man can stop the germ and the Joes’ plan of trying to kill the germ with anto-biotics might make the germ stronger.

With the explosives attached to canisters of anti-biotics, Airtight swims toward the nucleus with the explosives chained to his waist and sets the bombs. Behind him, a Cobra Eel turns to another, draws his finger across his own throat, and pulls out his gun and swims toward Airtight after seeing his friend nodding in agreement that they should kill Airtight. The Eel shoots Airtight’s backpack and the Joe turns around and lies still. Not understanding what happened, the two Cobra Eels swim toward Airtight, who ducks as they approach and watches the two Cobras crash into the explosives. The Eels pull the chain toward them and Airtight tries to escape using a key, but he loses his grip on the key as he is pulled forward. Therefore, Airtight uses the chain to swing the Cobra Eels into the nucleus, but the explosives are stuck as well.

Before Airtight is sucked into the nucleus with the Eels and the explosives, the Joe grabs a gun floating in the germ and destroys a link in the chain so that he can return to his ship. However, he is locked out. Looking through a window, Airtight sees a Crimson Guard inside, blows away the button on the outside of his ship and enters the cabin. After explaining to the Crimson Guard that they can stay inside the germ and be killed with the explosives or have Airtight fly them out, the Cobra Elite agent allows Airtight to pilot the ship out of the germ.

The explosives detonate and Airtight and the Crimson Guard are propelled forward by the shockwaves. They land safely outside of the germ and Airtight catches sight of his teammates, who congratulate him and welcome him back. Flint turns to the doctor and tells him that it looks like the doctor was wrong.
“Yeah,” Roadblock adds, ”that germ’s doing the squirms.”
Flint: “I couldn’t have said it any better.”
Roadblock: “Nobody could.”

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