Need a lift, sweetheart?!
  -- Flint (before rescuing Lady Jaye in a Cobra FANG)
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"You all need more brains. Keep lookin'!"
- Copperhead (to a Cobra agent who complains about the lack of light)

Copperhead and two Cobra agents search the swamp near the Cobra base for Duke, however, Duke evades the Cobras by breathing through a reed while underwater.

The Joes arrive at their base and Scarlett is concerned about the lack of security around the base, but Clutch replies that they should just ring the doorbell. He blasts a hole in the chain-linked fence with the APC’s cannon and lead the other Joes through the fence. The Joes enter the base and find it stripped of all equipment, but Destro is standing in the middle of the room.

The Joes surround Destro and he tells them that he is at the base to help them and begins to explain Cobra Commander’s plan with the synthoids. The synthoid of Duke bursts forward and tells the Joes not to trust him. Scarlett support Duke’s stance and asks why Destro is willing to help the Joes. Since Zartan created a synthoid of Destro, the silver-masked arms dealer wishes to demonstrate the fury of his anger to Cobra Commander and Zartan when he is provoked.

Outside the room, General Franks orders the Joes on a megaphone to surrender in three minutes. They burst out of the room and Destro tells them that they should meet on his ship the Valkyrie. Tapping the gemstone on his necklace, small planes land on the ground between the Joes and General Franks’ forces and create a forcefield that allows the Joes enough time to climb aboard their Skystrikers and fly away.

Duke is found by Copperhead and the Cobra agents and is trapped as hungry alligators swim toward him. But, Duke jumps onto a vine, swings over to the Cobra Water Moccasin, knocks the Cobra agents off the boat, however, before Copperhead can shoot Duke, Mutt and Junkyard knock him to the ground.

Aboard his ship, the Valkyrie, Destro invites the Joes into the quarters of his ship. Scarlett tracks down Duke and his transmission to the synthoid generals is interrupted.

Meanwhile, Duke and Mutt pilot the Water Moccasin toward Cobra’s base and Mutt worriedly asks what Duke is doing? Duke replies that he is going to do the one thing Cobra doesn’t expect - attack!

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