Well, Zandar, you failed so quickly?
  -- Zartan (after Zandar retreats from Joe headquarters)
Home Episode Summaries Season 1 Synthoid Conspiracy: Part I - Notes

Credits: written by Christy Marx

Production Number: 600-16

Original Airdate: October 7, 1985

Cobra kidnaps politicians, statesmen, military leaders, and opinion makers from all over the world - and replaces them with ďsynthoidĒ duplicates, artificial humanoids created by Cobra, to serve Cobra.

G.I.Joe: Duke, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Admiral Ledger, General Howe, Colonel Sharpe, General Franks, Torpedo, Deep Six, Wild Bill, Ace, Flint, Ripcord, Breaker, Clutch, Cover Girl, Rock 'n' Roll, Blowtorch, Mutt, Junkyard, Roadblock, Quick Kick*, Gung Ho Cobra: Destro, Cobra Commander, Cobra agents, Zartan, Tele-Viper, Buzzer, Ripper, Torch
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, USS Flagg, SHARC, Skystrikers, Armadillo, Mauler, Whirlwind, FLAK, Silver Mirage motorcycle, Wolverine Cobra: FANG, Hydrofoil, Rattler
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Due to the large number of Joes heard in the episode, a shortcut may have been taken to avoid going over the voice actor budget. As Ripcord is checking in with Duke by radio, the engines of his Skystriker are louder than normal, thus drowning his voice.

You know you are watching a Marvel Production when you hear Zartan ask: "You were expecting maybe Spider-Man?" (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes)

As Scarlett asks Rock 'n' Roll to drive closer to a FANG helicopter, the scrolling background of the Joes' base is recycled and jumps slightly as it is repeated.

Since Zartan's arms are usually bare, the image on the left shows an inking job that was a little too ambitious.

Shipwreck: Címon, dollface. I know a little cafe in port were the spaghetti is great and the lights are dim. Letís you and I get together and -
Scarlett: (slaps him) Letís not and pretend we did, okay?
Duke: Leader Joe to carrier Flagg.
Shipwreck: Carrier Flagg to Leader Joe.
Duke: Permission to land.
Shipwreck: Landing pad clear, Leader Joe.
Duke: Scarlett?
Scarlett: Yes, Duke?
Duke: Scramble the Skystrikers. I want them in the air at exactly ten hundred hours.
Scarlett: Iím on my way. Sound the klaxon, Shipwreck.
Shipwreck: Scarlett! Give Ďem your best!
Scarlett: Iíll sink one for you, Shipwreck.
Ace: Better get a move on, Wild Bill.
Wild Bill: Aw, whatís the hurry? Yíall got at least, uh (tosses gun into the air), two minutes left.
Time: 52 seconds


Breaker: Hey, Duke! General Franks wants to see you on the command ship on the double!
Time: 8 seconds


If you cross paths with a stray dog, do not try to pet it since it could attack you. And if the dog begins to growl, walk away slowly from the dog.
Same as above


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