Pacifists in G.I.Joe! What is happening to this outfit?
  -- Beach Head (after overhearing Lifeline refusing to help repair a helicopter)
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Credits: story by Steve Gerber and script by Buzz Dixon

Production Number: 600-84

Original Airdate: November 18, 1986

Dial-Tone has screwed up one too many times and as a result his re-enlistment papers are rejected by G.I.Joe. Out in the private sector, Dial-Tone finds himself without a job - that is until a mysterious woman offers him a job on an even more mysterious project somewhere in Northern England - a job secretly funded by Cobra!

G.I.Joe: Airtight*, Bazooka*, Beach Head, Cutter, Dial-Tone, Flint, General Hawk, Generic Joe*, Gung Ho*, Leatherneck, Lift-Ticket, Low-Light*, Mainframe, Sci-Fi*, Shipwreck, Wet-Suit Cobra: BAT*, Cobra Commander, Destro, Dr. Mindbender, Scrap Iron, Serpentor, Strato-Viper*, Tele-Viper*, Viper*, Zarana
G.I.Joe: Devilfish, Tomahawk, WHALE Cobra: Air Chariot, Firebat, Night Raven, Stun, Trubble Bubble
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Destro's castle, where the creature lived until it struck a deal with Cobra Commander, was destroyed in "Skeletons in the Closet."

When Destro's chant is played backwards, he states: "Anyone listening to this backwards for a secret occult message is a real dweeb!" [68 kb] (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

Roadblock's shirt changes colors (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

As seen in the left image, the wrong color was used for Wet-Suit's hair.


Lifeline explains that good nutritional habits will help you in the long-run.


Photon II
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