Next time, Iíll clone him with a sense of humor.
  -- Dr. Mindbender (after Serpentor tosses him across the room)
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Credits: written by Ted Pederson

Production Number: 600-13

Original Airdate: September 25, 1985

Cobra yanks a Joe intelligence satellite - and the valuable data in its memory banks - out of orbit, only to have it crash in an unexplored region of the African interior. Now itís a race between the Joes and Cobra to locate the satellite first. But an unexpected obstacle stands in the way of both sides: a savage tribe of proto-humans, the missing link between man and ape, who, ignored by evolution, have dwelled in this jungle for millions of years! [Note: The episode synopsis included an exclamation mark in the title, which was not seen in the title card]

G.I.Joe: Breaker, Flint, Dusty, Spirit, Freedom, Lady Jaye, Joe grunts Cobra: Destro, Cobra Commander, Cobra agents, Storm Shadow, Crimson Guards
G.I.Joe: Skystriker, AWE Striker, Bridgelayer, Mauler, Silver Mirage motorcycle, VAMP Mark II, Armadillo, AWE Striker Cobra: FANG, CLAW, Trubble Bubble

The Primorts' word "ortho" may be a shortening for the one person every kid with a sweet tooth fears: the orthodontist.

The episode was released as volume 4 in the FHE commercial tape series.


Rather than argue about a problem, Cutter suggests that one should use an unbiased arbitrator to solve the dispute.


She-Ra: Princess
of Power

The Karate Kid
1.44 mb

Movie Clip: Flint and the other Joes arrive and direct their collective firepower at the boulders and pound the rocks into dust. In the aftermath, Flint rushes toward Lady Jaye and confesses, "I - I was worried." Leaning close to him, she replies, "That doesnít exactly make me unhappy, you know?" And the two embrace. [640 kb]

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