Your idea of gourmet food is C-Rations sautéd with dog food.
  -- Wet-Suit (complaining about Leatherneck's idea of a meal)
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Credits: written by Martin Pasko

Production Number: 600-09

Original Airdate: October 15, 1985

Cobra "recruits" a battalion of men and women with paranormal powers - telekinesis, pyrokenesis, and even an out-of-body traveler, and turns their incredible powers against the Joe team. [Note: One version of the episode’s synopsis replaced "and even an out-of-body traveler" with "etc. --".]

G.I.Joe: Flash, Airborne, Duke, Lady Jaye, Stalker, Blowtorch, Snow Job Cobra: Cobra agents, Storm Shadow, Wild Weasel*, Destro, Cobra Commander
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, Sky Hawk, Polar Battle Bear skimobile Cobra: FANG, HISS
* indicates the character was silent during the episode


Like several episode in the series, special effects sounds were sampled. For example, as Storm Shadow jumps up to slice two cables to a platform, the hissing sound from Luke's practice droid aboard the Millennium Falcon is heard. Also, R2-D2's chirping and whistling sounds are used while the defensive units on Easter Island turn to fire at the Joes.

The animation cells of Duke and Airborne are recycled during their mad dash to save Tommy and a slight jump can be seen while Airborne is running.


The cobra symbol on an officer's shirt changes from silver to red.

Lady Jaye's gloves appear and disappear from one shot to the next.

Flash: These guys don’t know when to quit!
Airborne: Guess we’ll have to teach them then.
Time: 25 seconds


Duke: You okay, Lady Jaye?
Lady Jaye: Put it this way: if I die in the next few minutes, it’ll be of embarrassment. Will you look at that? They’ll be sandblasting that monument for weeks.
Time: 11 seconds


Time: 1 second (pan shot of the base at the ground level)


Destro: Quickly, Commander!
Cobra Commander: I should enjoy watching these two being destroyed!
Time: 9 seconds


Karmandy: What happened to the new kid?
Cobra agent: Cobra Commander has special plans for him.
Time: 6 seconds


Airborne: I want that, too. But, Tommy, I...I, kid, I never wanted it like this.
Time: 8 seconds
Commentary: Because of the USA editor's decision to carve out this scene, the viewer misses the opportunity to see one of the storytelling strengths of the series, the emotional dimension of the characters. However, the full impact of Airborne's desperate plea is not lost. Visit the Episode Highlights section below for a clip of this truly wonderful scene.


Quick Kick
As explained by Quick Kick, anything worth doing is worth planning.
Same as above


Thundercats I
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Movie Clip: Download the sixth edit by the USA Network [1.36 mb]

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