Enough is enough.
  -- Duke (after seeing part of the Cobra-produced show The Likeables)
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"Yeah, makes me want to puke."
- Low-Light (after Sci Fi notes that Leatherneck's concern for Wet-Suit gives him a warm fuzzy feeling)

Wet-Suit awakens and the two begin to fight in a kendo match, but only after Wet-Suit fails to convince Sgt. Slaughter that the SEAL should fail since Sgt. Slaughter could probably escape on his own and Wet-Suit couldn’t.

Sgt. Slaughter forces the fight to continue outside the temple in order to help make it appear as realistic as possible. After Sgt. Slaughter explains that they should make a break for it when they reach the edge of the jungle, Wet-Suit asks for the Joe’s drill sergeant to ease up on his hold while pressed against a tree.

Sgt. Slaughter refuses to go soft on their struggle so Wet-Suit stomps on Sgt. Slaughter’s foot and flips him onto the ground. Laughing while on the ground, Sgt. Slaughter praises Wet-Suit for going full force in the competition, then flips the Joe through the air and into the jungle. And LaFonte and his men follow the contest on foot.

While continuing their march through the jungle to LaFonte’s temple, Beach Head orders Leatherneck to pick up the pace, but Sci Fi asks the Joe to ease up on Leatherneck since he and Wet-Suit are close friends despite all of their bickering.

Suddenly, a Cobra Firebat streaks over the jungle, and the Joes, who realize that they must be close to LaFonte’s temple, run toward the Cobra base. Hiding behind some foliage, Leatherneck spots Wet-Suit. Then pauses as the others look at him. He then happily adds that Sgt. Slaughter is also in the fight and is finally knocking some sense into the Joe.

“Kinda puts the warm fuzzy right here, don’t it?” Sci Fi asks, patting his heart. “Yeah, makes me want to puke,” replies Low-Light.

While nearly exhausted, Wet-Suit and Sgt. Slaughter attempt to make their escape, but they are cut off by one of LaFonte's thugs. The two bone-weary Joes then collapse to the ground.

The Firebat lands and Cobra Commander steps out of the plane with Storm Shadow. LaFonte runs toward Cobra Commander and tells him that he should have radioed about his arrival. “Yes, and you should have invited me sooner,” hisses Cobra Commander, who then asks about his assassin. LaFonte walks over to Sgt. Slaughter and introduces him to Cobra Commander, and the Joe waves and says, “Hey, fang breath!” Enraged by the sight of Sgt. Slaughter, Cobra Commander grabs LaFonte by the throat, and the struggling man asks, “He’s not Mister Forrest?”

“He’s not 'mister' anything!” yells Cobra Commander, who then tosses LaFonte to the side and pulls out a gun. But before Cobra Commander can fire, his gun is destroyed by a shot from the group of hidden Joes. While the Joes attack LaFonte’s thugs and Cobra Commander, Wet-Suit and Sgt. Slaughter are led away at gun point, and Storm Shadow points out that there are only four G.I.Joes present. Therefore, Cobra Commander orders LaFonte's thugs to attack the Joes, who are ordered by Beach Head to fall back.

While they are led down a passageway, Wet-Suit and Sgt. Slaughter quickly turn and attack their captors. Sgt. Slaughter rushes out to help his teammates while Wet-Suit frees the other contestants, informs them that they were being used by Cobra and suggests that they go kick Cobra’s butt.

The contestants are convinced and attack LaFonte’s men.

Cobra Commander yells that it’s every man for himself and flees, but he first grabs LaFonte, tosses him to the ground again and stomps on him before Storm Shadow urges for them to leave. Cobra Commander stops beside his Firebat and tells LaFonte that they will meet again.

Leatherneck turns away from his punch to LaFonte’s face and yells that Cobra Commander is escaping, however, Wet-Suit explains that they have the “pigeon” they want, LaFonte. Leatherneck turns to yell at Wet-Suit and blames the mess on him, but he replies in an aggravated tone, “Oh, yeah, meathead?” Then they both swing their fists out to knock down the attackers approaching them from behind without breaking stride in their argument.

While LaFonte’s men walk toward Bazooka, Lift-Ticket and Lifeline’s Tomahawk while wearing handcuffs, Sgt. Slaughter asks LaFonte who he was supposed to assassinate. “Don’t you know? It was Serpentor,” confesses LaFonte. “Cobra Commander put a contract out on his head.” Stunned, Sgt. Slaughter turns around to face General Hawk and expresses his disbelief and disappointment about missing the opportunity to “cripple Cobra once and for all.”

But Beach Head walks up, places a hand on his teammate’s shoulder and tries to cheer him up by explaining that they can always count on Cobra to strike again. “And I’ll be there - you can count on that!” Sgt. Slaughter replies enthusiastically.

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