Pacifists in G.I.Joe! What is happening to this outfit?
  -- Beach Head (after overhearing Lifeline refusing to help repair a helicopter)
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Credits: written by Michael Charles Hill

Production Number: 600-79

Original Airdate: October 22, 1986

While on a routine mission in Southeast Asia, Sgt. Slaughter is mistaken for Wet-Suit and kidnapped. He awakens inside a ruined temple where a mercenary French ex-patriot demands that he perform in a martial arts competition. A competition devised by Cobra Commander to find the world’s best assassin to eliminate Serpentor!

G.I.Joe: Bazooka*, Beach Head, General Hawk, Leatherneck, Lift-Ticket*, Lifeline*, Low-Light, Mainframe, Sci Fi, Slipstream, Sgt. Slaughter, Wet-Suit Cobra: Cobra Commander, Serpentor, Storm Shadow
G.I.Joe: Conquest X-30 Cobra: Firebat
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Like "Cobra's Creatures," blood is seen after a Joe punches an opponent in the face.

Sgt. Slaughter’s credit card number is 0 349703 5157 (Matthew Pak's 3 3/4" G.I.Joe Collector Guide - Volume Two: The Television Episodes).

The only time you will see someone holding a cigarette in the series is during a pan shot inside the Green Monkey Cantina in Manilla.

Considering that Beach Head fired a full burst into one of the many extremely pale mercenaries, is it possible that a zombie or robot sub-plot was tossed out of the episode?

As Beach Head leads the other Joes through the jungle, Low-Light states that their march reminds him of Conrad’s book Heart of Darkness and asks if Leatherneck has read the story. “Nope, but I saw a movie once - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter,” replies Leatherneck. The inside joke behind Leatherneck's comment is that The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was a movie that starred Chuck McCann, the voice actor for Leatherneck, as Spiro Antonapoulos. Also, Heart of Darkness, a novel written by Joseph Conrad, is about a man's journey to the unexplored areas of Africa.

The jacket worn by one of LaFonte's thugs changes color while he is approaching Sgt. Slaughter.

The design of Cobra Commander's boots were incorrectly drawn as reaching to the top of his calf (left) rather than covered by his pants (right).

At G.I.Joe headquarters, the color of General Hawk's gun holster changes from a dark to a light grey, which is the incorrect color. Also, there should not be a white space under the goggles on General Hawk's helmet (left image).

While the Joes are inside the Green Monkey Cantina in Manilla, the skin on Leatherneck's face and chest changes to lighter tone, but his hand remains the same.

Rather than wearing a short sleeve black shirt, Beach Head appears twice with a long sleeve shirt. Also, while talking with the young boy, his grey gloves were not included.


Cross Country (left)
and Beach Head (right)
Cross Country and Beach Head urge a motorbike driver to wear a helmet.


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