That Texas tease. 'Call me Mary Belle.' Jezebel's more like it!
  -- Lady Jaye (after Mary Belle offers Wild Bill a tour of the ranch)
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Credits: written by Sharman Di Vono

Production Number: 600-60

Original Airdate: September 30, 1986

While on a mission in Thailand, Leatherneck befriends Amer-Asian children, street urchins of mixed US/Asian parentage. Feeling sorry for the kids (who are outcasts in their own society), Leatherneck organizes them into a "G.I.Joe auxiliary." Later, when Cobra seems to be getting the upper hand against the Joes, the kids come through and help our heroes triumph.

G.I.Joe: Beach Head, Cross Country, Dial-Tone, Generic Joes*, Gung Ho, Leatherneck, Lifeline, Lift-Ticket, Low-Light, Roadblock, Slipstream, Wet-Suit Cobra: BAT, Buzzer, Cobra Viper*, Dr. Mindbender, Monkeywrench, Ripper, Torch, Zarana
G.I.Joe: APC, Conquest X-30, HAVOC, Tomahawk, USS Flagg Cobra: Ferret, Swampfire
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Dan Gilvezan, who was the voice actor for Slipstream, played Beach Head's part in this episode instead of Bill Callaway.

Beach Headís gloves are missing.

Cross Country suddenly appears in Low-Light's place from one shot to the next.

Dr. Mindbender's gloves appear in one shot and disappear in the next one (top row) and vice-versa (bottom row).

The first version of Roadblock's character design appears at the table and changes to the second version in the next shot.


To avoid a sunburn, Leatherneck suggests that you use sunscreen.


Fig Newtons
2.11 mb

1.60 mb

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