Oh, no. It's your flying fool girlfriend.
  -- Duke (to Flint after seeing Lady Jaye fly close to the ground in her Skystriker)
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"Just trying to get your attention, gorgeous!"
- Recondo (after swatting a rhino with a stick)

The Joes are attacked by several FANG helicopters and defeat their foe. As the next wave of Cobra helicopters arrive, Duke orders the Joes to split up and return to base. As Duke and Rock 'n' Roll's helicopter is shot, Scarlett shouts Duke's name, stops her retreat, traverses 180 degrees, shoots down two FANG 'copters and flies into the thick of the battle in order to help her teammate, however, her Dragonfly is shot down when caught in a cross-fire between six Cobra FANGs.

Cobra Commander and a Cobra agent watch the Joes' helicopters crash and Cobra Commander shouts with glee: "Glorious - simply glorious!" Zartan escorts Shakoor into the room and Cobra Commander raises a platform that holds all of the components needed to build the Vulcan Machine, which Cobra Commander will use to direct a stream of lave from the Earth's molten core to any city in any nation that defies Cobra. Shakoor bows to the will of Cobra Commander, but tears fall from Dr. Shakoor's eyes.

After putting out the Dragonfly's fire, Duke walks over to Rock 'n' Roll and asks how he feels. He stops rubbing his neck and tells Duke that he feels like he just got hit by a tidal wave. Duke and Rock 'n' Roll find Snake Eyes and Scarlett, and Recondo enters the gathering after telling the Joes that they are 24 hours from the temple and that the march will be like a walk in the park if they follow him.

As the Joes begin their trek through the jungle, Cobra Commander and Zartan watch their enemy with the aid of a camera disguised as a cobra sitting in a tree. To eliminate the Joes, Cobra Commander activates the various jungle traps.

Scarlett's foot catches a wire and as she moves her foot, Recondo runs forward and tackles her to the ground moments before a scythe slams into a tree near her and Recondo. Rock 'n' Roll dashes to his friends as Recondo yells for him to stay put and he falls through a blanket of branches and into a pit filled spikes, however, Snake Eyes catches his teammate's wrist and pulls him up to the ground. The door to a cage near Recondo and Scarlett opens and the two dive for cover as a rhino charges out, however, the Joes evade the rhino's attacks.

Before Rock 'n' Roll shoots the rhino on Duke's order, Recondo yells for Duke to wait and swats the rhino with a stick as he yells, "Just trying to get your attention, gorgeous." The rhino turns and runs toward Recondo, who is standing on the edge of cliff. "That dude is crazy," says Rock 'n' Roll. Before the rhino strikes Recondo, he steps aside and the rhino falls off the edge of the cliff and splashes into a river.

Recondo continues to hack their way the jungle and the Joes follow and watch each other's backs. Snake Eyes shoots a tree down to deter three crocodiles and Scarlett shoots a snake before it attacks Duke. Recondo cuts down a piece of fruit from a tree and tosses into an open clearing. Laser cannons rise from the floor of the jungle and disintegrate the fruit.

At the temple, Cobra Commander learns that the lasers have been fired and examines the scene. Immediately believing that the Joes have been turned into ashes, he shouts with joy, however, as the camera pans to the right, he remarks to Zartan that the Joes lead charmed lives. With the push of a button, Cobra Commander releases a pack of stripped hyenas on the Joes, a plan that Zartan loves.

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