Have the harpies of the shore come to pluck the eagle of the sea?
  -- Admiral Lattimer (to Admiral Overton and General Hawk after the USS Montana docks)
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"Just think - your backyard might look like that tomorrow."
- Cobra Commander (while showing the world his latest weapon of destruction)

Flint kicks and punches his way past Cobra’s mercenaries and the Joe smashes through a window and drives away in his convertible. The Dreadnoks fail to trap Flint a four-way intersections and instead crash into one another or through shop windows in the area.

Driving on a road paved near a winding cliff, Flint is pursued by two FANG helicopters. He pushes a button on his dashboard, a door drops open and Flint grabs the gun inside and shoots down a FANG. However, the second FANG shoots the back of Flint’s car and with flames flickering higher, Flint loses control of the car and drives through the guardrail and over the edge of the cliff.

But he jumps out and grabs a branch sticking out on the side of the cliff and watches his car plunge into the water. Believing the intruder has been killed, the FANG flies away and Flint begins the long, arduous climb to the top, but Zartan is waiting with a gun in hand and Cobra agents on his side. “Tragedy about your car,” he tells Flint. “I was looking forward to confiscating it.” Flint raises his hands over head and tells Zartan that he would not have wanted his car since it needed a tune up.

Inside an underwater base and standing on a platform and overlooking a garden composed of brown plants, the Baroness tells Cobra Commander that he has a quite a “green thumb.” Cobra Commander turns to her and says, “Your sarcasm is irritating, Baroness.” Zartan radios Cobra Commander via a wristwatch communicator and he tells him that he has a new recruit. Cobra Commander angrily tells Zartan that Major Bludd handles recruiting, but Zartan adds that his recruit’s name is Flint, and Cobra Commander is extremely happy since Flint is “such a hard worker.”

Zartan’s submarine docks and he leads Flint out so that Cobra Commander can escort Flint to a jeep and show him around Cobra Incorporated, a business where the employees are allowed to sleep only if they work really hard. Flint calls out for Ted while they are driving, however, Ted continues to dig  and Cobra Commander tells Flint, “Now, there’s a man absorbed in his work.” The jeep stops near Major Bludd who tells Flint that he will change his mind after he sees the training video. On a screen inside the jeep, a news anchor explains that Pleasant Cove fireman Dan Jenkins risked his life to save a cat, Fluffy, from a tree, and as Flint’s pupils begin to shrink, Cobra Commander hisses, “Yesss!”

Standing next to Lady Jaye and Footloose, Breaker yells at Barbecue, Airtight and Quick Kick to come over and watch television since Cobra Commander is on the air. Cobra Commander addresses the nations of the world and threatens that unless the world surrenders to him, he will destroy all of the world’s vegetation with a rocket.

As he demonstrates the weapon’s destructive power on a wilderness area, the lush forest is decimated and turned to ash and sand. “Just think, your backyard might look like that tomorrow,” Cobra Commander adds. Before the camera shuts off on Cobra Commander, Flint walks behind Cobra Commander. Lady Jaye recognizes him and exclaims that Cobra has Flint doing slave labor. “Man,” Footloose says, “doesn’t sound like much of vacation.”

Lady Jaye picks up a phone and orders carrier command to be alerted. She hangs up and tells the Joes that Flint traveled to Pleasant Cove so Cobra’s base is likely to be near. Breaker suggest that they drop in, and he and Lady Jaye parachute from a Skystriker and land near the house of Flint’s cousin. Breaker pops his gum while they peep into Ted’s house and Lady Jaye tells Breaker to stop making so much noise. However, Breaker says that no one will probably hear them since the people look zombie-ized while in front of the TV. Breaker then hears a hum, sees a pair of satellite dishes on a hill and tells Lady Jaye that the dishes should be aimed to the sky, not at the town.

The two Joes climb to the top of the hill, knock out the two Cobra agents and break inside. Breaker hands Lady Jaye a set of headphones and tells her that he wants to show her something but not hear it. He plays the nightly news and then shows Lady Jaye every twentieth frame in the broadcast, and the two Joes see Cobra Commander, who tells the viewers to go to bed early since they will need to report to the docks at midnight, using subliminal suggestion to control the town. Lady Jaye orders Breaker to figure out a way to reverse the process and she runs out of the station to see if she can rescue Flint.

While at the docks, Lady Jaye radios the USS Flagg and tells Barbecue to bring up the ship and that she is going to try and sneak inside Cobra’s base. Deep Six hands Breaker’s dart board to Ace and then Ace boards a Skystriker and flies away. Meanwhile, Quick Kick, Shipwreck, Polly, Airtight, and Barbecue coast along the ocean waters on a WHALE and try to find the Cobra base, but a Cobra Moray, with Zartan and the Dreadnoks, intercepts and attacks the Joes with homing torpedoes.

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