Enough is enough.
  -- Duke (after seeing part of the Cobra-produced show The Likeables)
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"At once! At once! Everything with him is at once!"
- Cobra Commander (talking to himself after Serpentor orders him to capture a satellite at once)

While explaining to Serpentor that the space probe has not been recovered, Cobra Commander tugs on his collar and runs out as the Cobra Emperor yells for the satellite to be captured at once. In a childish voice, Cobra Commander tells himself, “At once! At once! Everything with him is at once!” Cobra Commander radios Zartan and demands to have the control codes to the subs at once. “But of course, Cobra Commander,” Zartan replies snidely. “We always do the impossible at once.”

Zarana and Mainframe enter Joe’s Diner and Leatherneck, who is playing cards with Sci Fi, asks Mainframe about Carol Wiedler, who Leatherneck refers to as “the fox.” Zarana leans forward on the table and replies, “The fox’s name is Sergeant Carol Wiedler - and she has very sharp teeth.” Leatherneck leans back in shock and Mainframe and Zarana then walk to their table as Sci Fi beats Leatherneck at their card game.

Mainframe tells Zarana that she handled Leatherneck quite well and then adds that she is “all right.” A waiter hands menus to Mainframe and Zarana, however, inside Zarana’s is a note from Zartan that states the subs must be under Cobra’s control tonight. The waiter points out that Zarana has better things to do than stay up past her bedtime and Mainframe leaps to her defense and tells the waiter, “You’re way out of line, buster.” The waiter knocks him out of the way and Zarana tosses the waiter onto Leatherneck and Sci Fi’s table. Leatherneck grabs the waiter by the hair, but he pulls a mask off the man’s head. Unmasked, Zartan kicks the Joes out of the way, runs to the door and knocks Roadblock down, but he is cut off by four Joes.

The Dreadnoks then smash through one of the diner's wooden walls. After Mainframe knocks Zandar off a Cobra Ferret, Zarana dumps a table cloth on one of the Dreadnoks and the Joe tells her that they make a pretty good team. The Dreadnoks and Zartan smash through the other side of the diner and the building collapses after the Joes and Zarana dash outside.

Zartan looks back and hopes that his little visit will help Zarana speed up the completion of her mission.

While Shipwreck notes that they are having problems retrieving the anti-matter due to Wet-Suits reprogramming, Mainframe and Zarana walk around the base at night. While explaining that he worked in Silicon Valley after returning from Vietnam, Duke cuts him off and orders him to fix the subs computer problems immediately.

With Zarana following him, Mainframe enters the Top Secret computer labs, but Beach Head points out that Zarana has only “secret access.” Mainframe tells Beach Head in an irritated voice to relax since she is with him while Zarana tries to tell Mainframe that she’s not worth getting into trouble. Beach Head curses Duke’s rule-bending policy and lets her into the room with Mainframe.

Mainframe removes a cover and grabs a wrench from Zarana moments before she can attack him in order to tighten a connection. She grabs a screw driver, however, Mainframe again turns around, thanks her for the tool and tightens another connection.

Telling her that the subs are now in sync with the computers, he turns around and finds Zarana looming over him with her open arms. Mainframe softly says “hello” and then kisses her. Zarana tells him that she had heard that life on the Joe team was exciting, but she never imagined how exciting. She then asks for the lights to be turned off, and as soon as the room is dark, she shocks Mainframe with a stun gun. Turning the lights back on, she places two fingers to her lips, touches Mainframe's lips and apologizes since duty must come first.

Zarana turns off the lights on the base and Zartan and his crew drive toward the Joes’ base and blast into the computer room, where she is kneeling over Mainframe. She then climbs onto Zartan’s Ferret and reports that the subs have been reprogrammed. However, before they drive away, Zartan tosses a bomb onto Mainframe’s chest and tells Zarana to say bye-bye to her boyfriend, who is painfully moaning Carol's name.

Zartan and the Dreadnoks avoid the Joes' shots as they escape, but Zarana pulls out her stun gun and shocks Zartan, who falls off the Cobra Ferret. Zarana speeds back toward the base, grabs the bomb and drives away just as Mainframe wakes up. And the bomb explodes.

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