Emmie, I told you never to make that surprise stew again!
  -- a farmer (to his wife while running away from a giant germ)
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"My friend here is a man of action - not words. So you better talk to me before he twists you into the world's first snake-flavored pretzel."
- Zap (threatening a Crimson Guard with the deadly fists of Snake Eyes)

Pelar bursts into the room with Scarlett’s crossbow in hand and tells the Joes to talk fast. Quickly explaining that the gang members are being duped by Cobra, Pelar disbelieves everything they say and holds money as her proof that Cobra protects them. More gang members enter the room and knock the Joes out of a window and tackle the Joes to the ground. Suddenly, Quick Kick and Wild Bill appear in a Dragonfly and rescue their friends thanks to the superior firepower of the helicopter.

After Zap asks his captors why Cobra is limiting their goals to just elections and not the world series, a Crimson Guard walks toward the cell to threaten Zap, however, Timber leaps and drags the Cobra agent close enough for Spirit to grab him and cause the rifle to fire. The resulting burst is seen by the Joes in the Dragonfly, who fly to the disturbance and enter the scene moments before the remaining Crimson Guard soldiers shoot the Joes and their fellow Guardsman.

Lady Jaye and the others scatter the other Cobra agents, free their friends and extract the information they need after Zap promises the abandoned Crimson Guardsman that Snake Eyes will twist him into the first snake-flavored human pretzel if he doesn’t explain the details of Cobra’s plans. And the Crimson Guard stutters that the political rally will involve the destruction of the entire pier.

Zartan and Firefly travel on a Cobra Hydrofoil to the pier and Firefly explains that he can detonate all of the charges in any order or all at once thanks to his ingenious remote detonator. As the gang begins to attack Harper, Tito arrives and offers to help, much to his sister’s dismay, but he is mocked by the other gang members and is driven away. The Joes arrive in the Dragonfly and climb out to help Harper. And all Wild Bill can say is a very unenthusiastic, “Yo Joe.”

The Dreadnoks and the gang members converge on the Joes. At the same time, Tito promise to start his own gang between sobs in an empty building, a building with one of Cobra's bombs. The bomb inside Tito's building explodes and he cries out for help, but as Pelar tries to rescue him, Ripper grabs her arms and prevents her rescue attempt. The Dreadnok tells her menacingly that she will stay and do what she is told since she was paid, but Lady Jaye disrupts their conversation with an exploding spearhead and Pelar dashes off to save her brother. Scarlett enters the blazing building ahead of Pelar and the Joes prepare to fight the Dreadnoks, who turn to the scowling gang members. After one of the gang members states that they don’t want to be flunkies for people who prevent them from rescuing family members, the Dreadnoks then retreat.

All of the Joes and gang members stand outside the burning buildings and wait. Pelar stumbles out of the building coughing while Scarlett carries Tito out and hands him to a smiling and relieved Pelar. Firefighters arrive and rush to bring the fire under control. Harper runs to the Cobra Hydrofoil and several citizens see that he is working with Cobra. However, Zartan and Firefly punch Harper off the boat and escape while Harper is captured by Cutter and the Coast Guard.

Inside the shop owned by Pelar’s mother, the Joes and Pelar hear on the results of the election with 95 percent of the vote accounted for: Greenway - 2,104,938 versus Harper - 2. Pelar wonders who the two voters were. Speculation from his wife and mother are suggested, however, inside the Extensive Enterprises office, Tomax and Xamot rip up their election stubs - each with the name of Harper.
Tomax: “I hate it when - ”
Xamot: “we back a loser.”
“So do I,” they tell each other simultaneously.

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