Um, help me join the Joe team?
  -- Amber (to Quick Kick after he jokingly asks what he is going to do with her)
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"G.I.Joe on the side of Cobra? How delicious."
- Cobra Commander (learning that the Joes are protecting Cobra's mayoral candidate)

Pelar freezes and screams, but Snake Eyes grabs her and flips out of the way of the oncoming train. Torch fires a round near Snake Eyes’ head and threatens the other Joes that he will be killed if they do not return. The remaining Joes return and are once again led to their prison.

Harper, Lady Jaye and Scarlett approach an Extensive Enterprises building and Harper tells the Joes that he is late for a meeting with his advisors, and Scarlett and Lady Jaye stay outside to see if anyone followed them. Harper is congratulated by Tomax and Xamot, given a large briefcase full of money and is again congratulated and told by Cobra Commander on a nearby monitor that Harper holds a “commanding lead” in the mayoral race. After Harper explains that the Joes are protecting him from the street gangs, Cobra Commander rubs his hands and tells his listeners, “G.I.Joe on the side of Cobra? How delicious.” Tomax and Xamot laugh and reply:
Tomax: “Who could ask for any-”
Xamot: “-thing more?”

Outside the building, the Joes scale the wall using suction cups and rope, and Lady Jaye confesses that she is not crazy about heights. While Cobra Commander explains that Cobra can achieve its goals for the city by simply making their goals laws, Scarlett and Lady Jaye eavesdrop and watch from behind a window. Cobra Commander also explains that the gang members are simply pawns whose attacks on Harper in the name of Greenway have made Harper more attractive to the voters. And when Harper wins the election, he can arrest the gang members and appear to keep his campaign promise of bringing “law and order” to the city.

As the Joes sneak away, Tomax and Xamot catch sight of them and walk to an elevator explaining that need to care of a piece of business that has just come up. Inside their Cobra costumes, Tomax and Xamot attack the Joes by removing the suction cup from the building. Scarlett grabs a ledge and swings into a building while Lady Jaye grabs one of the first ropes still attached to the building, however, Xamot jumps above Lady Jaye and just as he is about to remove the rope, Scarlett swings from an open window and knocks him into a garbage bin, and since Tomax shares a psychic bond with his brother, he falls into the bin, too. Scarlett closes the lid to the bin and tells Lady Jaye, “Good riddance to bad rubbish.” And the Joes rush off to find the leader of the gang.

Storm Shadow arrives with several Crimson Guards and tells Buzzer that he has arrived to deliver a written message for him. Buzzer turns away from Storm Shadow and tells him that Cobra Commander knows he can’t read. Tossing the envelope into the air and using his sword to slice the envelope open, the stunned Dreadnoks hear Storm Shadow explain that there will be a rally tonight and Firefly will be present with some special fireworks. Cobra’s ninja continues to read that the Dreadnoks are to not fail, an idea Buzzer scoffs as he grabs the money in Storm Shadow’s bag and states that money is the only real insurance against failure. He splits the money among the Dreadnoks and the gang members, who take off on Buzzer’s order to relax before the rally. Before Storm Shadow leave the room, he warns the Crimson Guards that failure will be costly.

Lady Jaye and Scarlett scour the city for clues of the leader of the gang and meet Tito, the ten year-old brother of Pelar, who offers to help for the right price; after all, he has his future to think of. “Wanna see eleven, kid?” Lady Jaye asks in a deep, threatening voice. Tito is impressed by her toughness and agrees to help the Joes for 20 bucks and if they hand over their weapons. The Joes follow the young boy to his mother’s shop and Tito asks the Joes to stay out front as he heads to the back to get her sister, the leader of the gang.

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