Yes. Odd, isn't it, how time flies?
  -- Cobra Commander (replying to Ripcord's questions about Mutt's promised time to escape)
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Credits: written by Gordon Kent

Production Number: 600-11

Original Airdate: October 11, 1985

The day before a mayoral election in a major metropolis - and the city’s teenage gangs are wild in the streets, under the leadership of the Dreadnoks. Their aim: to prevent the election of a law-and-order candidate who’s promised to clean up the streets and put the gangs out of business. What the youths don’t know is that they’ve been had; the candidate they’re opposing is funded by Cobra, and the gang’s outbursts are calculated to assure him a landslide victory.

G.I.Joe: Col. Sharpe, Lady Jaye, Zap, Snake Eyes, Timber, Spirit, Freedom, Quick Kick*, Cutter, Scarlett Cobra: Storm Shadow, Tomax, Xamot, Cobra Commander, Ripper, Torch, Buzzer, Crimson Guards, Firefly, Zartan
G.I.Joe: Silver Mirage motorcycle, Dragonfly Cobra: Ferret, Hydrofoil
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Since one of the themes in the show is rebellion, what better character design reference is there than James Dean's character in Rebel Without a Cause? Similar to the mutant gang members in the ground-breaking comic book series The Dark Knight Returns, all three thugs in the Blue Jean Brigade have words on their shirts, like "rogue," "fugitives" and "crusaders," which are connected to the show's theme. And to add to the air of criminal activity, one of the gang members speaks in Marlon Brando-like voice from The Godfather while "taking a poll" during the beginning of the show.

The lightsaber special effects sound from Star Wars was sampled and used for as the sound for Zartan's glowing armor.

During the 1980s, Toyota car commercials included a tagline that was mentioned by Tomax and Xamot while standing next to mayoral candidate Harper: (Tomax states) "Who could ask for any-" (continued by Xamot) "-thing more?"

One of the strengths in the series is that women are consistently depicted as soldiers who are as courageous and talented as the men they worked with while fighting Cobra. The balance between the portrayal of the sexes can be seen in this episode as Snake Eyes rescues Pelar from an approaching train and Scarlett later runs into a burning building in order to rescue Tito, Pelar's younger brother (submitted by Dino Virgilio Monzon).

If Snake Eyes was rescuing Pelar, then an error occurred since he was shown as running with Zap at the same time.

Lady Jaye: Where could they go so quickly?
Scarlett: Beats me, but we’ve got to start somewhere. Let’s scout the scene back at the park.
Harper: Thank you. Thank you very much! And you, as well!
Lady Jaye: Just doing our job, Mister Harper.
Scarlett: Come on. Let’s all get out of here.
Time: 28 seconds


Ripper: We’re going to take off, too. You guys watch them Joes. Make sure they stay put.
Torch: Not that they’re going anywhere, mind you.
Storm Shadow: Failure will be costly.
Time: 15 seconds


Time: 2.5 seconds


Tito: I’ll show them. I’ll start my own gang and I won’t let them join.
Time: 17 seconds


As explained by Footloose, if you experience a nosebleed, pinch your nose and lean forward for five minutes. If it doesn’t stop, pack your nose with ice for 10 more minutes and then consult a doctor if the bleeding persists.
Same as original


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Cheerios starring Snoopy

Sound Clip: Without a doubt, Wild Bill offers the most unenthusiastic "Yo Joe" battlecry ever. [17.4 kb]

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