Unbelievable! And I thought you were weird!
  -- Sgt. Slaughter (to Sci Fi after walking into a science fiction convention)
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"Not now! I've got work to do!"
- Sparks (to Col. Sharpe, who asks the Joe for a progress update)

Duke and Ace, who are flying above a jungle that contains diamonds and oil, receive a transmission from Torpedo, who explains that the Cobra base would make a "nifty aquarium" and that he did not find a clue on the whereabouts of the missing oil tankers. Suddenly, Ace and Duke are attacked by Cobra Rattlers. Two missiles are fired from the Rattlers, but Ace destroys them both with his own missile then dives into a canyon.

One Rattler is destroyed as debris from a rock overhang strikes his engine thanks to Ace's evasive flying tactics and the Cobra's own missile. The next Rattler is destroyed when its wing scrapes against the canyon wall. But as Ace turns to look at Duke, who offers his congratulations on some excellent dogfighting, a third Rattler clips the Skystriker's wing. The Joes eject but the Cobra Rattler shoots their open parachutes causing them to fall into a river. They climb out of the river and are captured by Major Bludd and a tribe known as the Yellow Mamo.

An elderly lady approaches a house and tells the burly owner that she is lost and doesn't have any money and was wondering if she could borrow his phone. After telling her to beat it, the lady tosses the owner over her shoulder and bursts into the house only to see several Cobra agents relaxing. The elderly lady rips off her clothes and mask to revel her true identity, Scarlett. The Cobras attack, but Scarlett deftly swats them all aside until only one agent is left conscious. Unfortunately, he doesn't know where Cobra Commander, Destro or the tankers are located, and tells Scarlett that he wouldn't lie since his life is in her hands.

Cobra Commander occupies the airwaves again and informs to the world that its indecision has cost them another oil tanker. As the oil tanker explodes, Sparks shouts in glee and Col. Sharpe asks what is wrong with him. Sparks explains that he has been working on a scanner that can detect remote control frequencies and if he can get it working in an hour, then the next time a tanker is destroyed he can locate Cobra's base.

As Duke and Ace are escorted by Major Bludd and the Yellow Mamo tribesmen, Duke asks how Major Bludd convinced the tribe to side with Cobra. Major Bludd explains that they simply provided the tribe with superior firepower so that they could defeat a neighboring village they had been at  war with for years. And what does Cobra receive? "Nothing these lads will miss," explains Major Bludd. "Just the means to stop the world." Duke winks at Ace, who immediately doubles over, falls to the ground and winces in pain. Duke explains that he must have been injuried in the fall and could be suffering from internal bleeding. Major Bludd orders the tribesmen to carry Ace, and soon they all reach a pit in the earth filled with snakes.

Suddenly, Ace "recovers" and the Joes attack their enemies. Major Bludd falls into the pit but climbs out after catching the side of the wall. He orders the tribesmen to catch the Joes and they rush off.

Sparks work is interupted as Col. Sharpe asks for a progress report, however, as a small meltdown occurs inside the device, Sparks tells the Colonel, "Not now! I've got work to do."

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