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  -- The Gamesmaster (telling Koko about his next target)
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Credits: written by Steve Gerber

Production Number: 600-05

Original Airdate: September 26, 1985

Cobra launches an all-out attack on the world’s energy resources, bombing oil fields, severing pipelines, hijacking supertankers at sea. With the world running on vapors and memories, the Joes search for a fleet of hidden tankers containing the world’s last immediately available supply of oil. If they fail to find them, civilization itself could collapse.

G.I.Joe: Sparks, Col. Sharpe, Duke, Ace, Scarlett, Torpedo, Deep Six, Grunt, Roadblock, Rock 'n' Roll, Joe grunts, Cutter Cobra: Cobra Commander, Cobra agents, Destro, Eel, Major Bludd, Crimson Guard, HISS tank driver
G.I.Joe: Skystriker, RAM, SHARC, WHALE, Dragonfly Cobra: Rattler, HISS, FANG

The sound of Darth Vader's screeching tie fighter from film Star Wars was sampled and used during the following scenes:
· Before the commercial break as the Cobra Rattlers attack Ace and Duke in a Skystriker
· After Ace deploys a missile that destroys a Cobra Rattler's missiles
· While the Rattlers fly toward a canyon in pursuit of the Skystriker
· When rocks from an overhang smash into a Rattler, which crashes into a wall
· As a third Rattler flies down from the sky and shoots down Ace and Duke

Viewers sometimes see the Cobra HISS driver from afar, however, in this episode there is a close-up of the Cobra agent - and in a great "cringing in terror" shot!

The episode was released as Volume 3 in the FHE commercial tape series.


Barbecue explains that you should first block the door if smoke is entering the room and then find another way out of the room if the door handle is hot.


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