Your idea of gourmet food is C-Rations sautéd with dog food.
  -- Wet-Suit (complaining about Leatherneck's idea of a meal)
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"We will fight!"
- Spirit's Granfather (to Duke after he is told to find cover while the Joes attempt to protect the civilians from Cobra)

At the ATV, all of the captives but Jesse groan and remove the Cobra battlesuits and augmentors from the temples on their heads. As the Baroness shouts at Jesse to smash the crystals, Duke urges Jesse to not do it. Then, the Baroness yells, "Smash them, you little brat!"
"I am not a brat!" yells Jesse, dropping the rock to the ground. Duke laughs, helps Jesse down from the ATV and tells him, "You most certainly aren't."

Desperate to know what is happening, Scarlett radios Duke and he explains that everything is "A-okay!" Tears swell in her eyes and all of the Joes embrace one another in a group hug.

But the Baroness is not defeated and orders the Rattlers to fly out. As the Rattlers come from 12 o'clock high, Duke orders Dusty to get the civilians as far from the ATV as possible, however, the O'Haras and Spirit's grandfather tell the Joes that they will remain and fight.

The Joes climb aboard a Dragonfly and transport helicopters and fly out to the desert to assist their teammates in the battle. Lady Jaye continues to request air support from the Joes until a Rattler destroys the communication console of the ATV.

The Cobra helicarrier arrives and the Baroness orders the Crimson Guard Commanders to lower the grappler. Scarlett shoots down a Rattler with missiles from the Dragonfly and Jesse runs away from Vena yelling that he wants to help. However, a Rattler catches the kid in the open and begins to fire at him.

Scarlett destroys the second of the three Rattlers with a missile. The Cobra helicarrier floats over the ATV and grabs the vehicle with two grappling hooks. Awestruck by the immense size of Cobra's helicarrier, Lady Jaye tells the Joes that they can't stop it. But Duke replies, "We’ve got to!"

And he and the other Joes raise their guns and try to stop Cobra from stealing the crystals. The grapplers snag the ATV and begin to draw the vehicle upward. Duke orders the Joes to get as far from the ATV as they can, and in the sky, the last Cobra Rattler flies behind the Dragonfly and tries to shoot it out of the sky.

Spirit's grandfather sternly tells Vena and Jesse to leave, then takes aim at the Rattler high in the sky. And with one shot, he strikes the control panels inside the Cobra plane's cockpit and forces the pilot to eject from the fire raging inside the plane. But the plane does not crash to the ground; instead, it glides in a semi-circle toward the ATV and the wing of the plane cuts one of the cables.

The Joes run from the scene as quickly as possible, and after Tomax and Xamot tell the Baroness that the crystals are about to explode she orders the grapplers to be cut and for the helicarrier to fly away. The bay doors to the Cobra flying base close and the ATV falls to the ground, bounces and explodes in a horrific, deadly explosion. Dirt and debris sweep across the land along violent winds, and in one of the transport helicopters, Barbecue whispers in a tortured voice: "Dad!"

When the torrent is over, the Joes search for survivors and one by one they find all of their loved ones. As Gung Ho, Tripwire and Lady Jaye climb to their feet they wonder about Duke. They find him about forty feet behind the Joes and as they help him up to his feet, his first question to the Joes is: "Is everyone okay?" Lady Jaye tells him that everyone made it and Tripwire explains that Cobra is back to square one. And in the middle of the Mojave Desert, all of the Joes shout at once: "YO JOE!"

Back at Joe headquarters, Col. Sharpe apologizes to the families of the Joes and explains that strict measures have been take to ensure that similar events never happen again. Lady Jaye then apologizes for ruining the party and explains that the stolen file contained the files of seven Joes, and only family that was not kidnapped was Gung Ho's. Knowing that revenge is a trademark of the Baroness, the Joes rush out to save the 137 members of the LaFeyette clan.

Marching through a swamp, the Baroness silences her complaining troops and orders them to move forward after she finds the house. However, the troops are capture from behind and the Baroness, her boots covered in mud, marches into the camp alone and declares that they are all her prisoners in the name of Cobra. As soon as the Baroness orders her men to take the clan members, the men who captured the Cobra troops take the gun from her hands and scare her. She stumbles toward a group of women who point to her agents tied to a tree and lead the Baroness to a table and offer her gumbo, but she overturns the table and runs away. One of the men warns the Baroness to not step on little Shooshoo, the pet alligator.

The Baroness runs into the swamp and the Joes arrive to the clan's home. Catching sight of the Cobra agents tied to a tree, Scarlett tells Gung Ho that his family is more than okay. Wondering about the Baroness, one of Gung Ho's clan members explains that she didn't like gumbo. Suddenly, Gung Ho's grandmother walks over to him and scolds him for arriving late. Taking off his cap, Gung Ho hunches over and apologizes, and Duke tells the Joes that it is quite unlikely that Cobra will mess with this family ever again.

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