No tipping, please.
  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
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"How come those civilians can shoot better than you can drive?"
- Footloose (joking with Dusty after their AWE Striker was destroyed by the Joes' families)

The Baroness order Tomax and Xamot to activate the battle suits and each suit generates a field of energy that destroys the net, allowing the captives to fall into a river below them. Not knowing their families can breathe underwater, the Joes watch helplessly until they see the captives float to the surface, however, they do not swim to shore. Enraged that the prisoners are not moving, the Baroness calls Dr. Marx and demands to know why the captives are not doing anything. The Cobra scientist explains that because the machine controlling the captives' wills is at full power, they do not have the ability to think creatively and also explains that she will have to think for the prisoners.

After ordering Tomax and Xamot to call their agent to pick up the captives, a fisherman enters a small wooden hut and drives a Cobra Hydrofoil while wearing a Crimson Guard uniform. Shipwreck urges the others to get on their bikes, drive down and pick their families out of the water, however, Spirit steps in front of Shipwreck's motorcycle and yells at him, "No!" Threatening Spirit to get out of his way, Spirit tells Shipwreck that they have to free their minds of their families before they can free the bodies. The Cobra Hydrofoil extends a net from the side of the boat, scoops up the family members and drives away.

Scarlett orders Wild Bill to follow the Cobra Moray and then tells the Joes that Cobra probably has a base in the area and, turning to Spirit, she tells the Joes' tracker, "And if anyone can find it, Spirit, it's you." Meanwhile, the ATV continues to roll onward and Duke radios Dusty and Footloose to met him at the rendezvous point on the double.

Duke radios Scarlett on her wrist communicator and explains that in about five minutes the Joes will encounter the captives so she and the others need to find the Cobra base and destroy it. Aboard the helicarrier, the Baroness orders the captives to move faster in order to intercept the ATV. Then, the captives appear over a hill. Gung Ho stops the ATV and decides to take a left in order to put some distance between himself and Cobra's prisoners. However, Dusty speeds down the path Gung Ho was considering and explains that they can't take the road because it leads to a town, and if the crystals explode, the town will be obliterated.

Spirit finds the base and after Barbecue confirms the tracker's abilities by pointing out an antennae, an alarm inside the Cobra base goes off. Dr. Marx asks in a panicked voice what he should do. "You have soldiers. Use them," she replies plainly. Cobra soldiers pour out of the base and the Joes dive for cover. The Joes scatter and each one attacks the Cobras until they have knocked out all of the Cobra agents. Duke radios that they have 30 seconds until contact with the Cobra controlled families, and the Joes begin to push their fight toward the base.

The Baroness orders the captives to move faster and as they run toward the Joes, Duke orders Dusty to run interference. Driving toward the captives, Dusty swerves sharply several times in order to create a large and thick dust storm, but the Baroness orders her slaves to shoot at the AWE Striker and the tires are destroyed. After the AWE Striker flips over, Footloose asks Dusty, "How come those civilians can shoot better than you can drive?" Dusty sarcastically tells his friend, "Funny! Very funny!" And the two dive scramble for cover as Cobra's puppets continue to fire. Meanwhile, Scarlett and the other Joes attempt to infiltrate the Cobra base.

As Duke tells Scarlett that the crystals are ready to explode, Spirit knocks out the last two Cobra guards and the Joes rush into the base while the captives concentrate their firepower on the door of the ATV's compartment containing the explosive crystals. Dr. Marx tries to attack Quick Kick with a lead pipe, but the Joe quickly moves out of the way, disarms the Cobra scientist and twist his arm as he pushes him toward the other Joes. Scarlett learns which machine is controlling their families and after she orders the doctor to shut off the machine, he screams that if anyone tampers with the machine, the minds of their families will be destroyed.

The ATV's door is melted away and Duke, Lady Jaye, Tripwire and Gung Ho watch Jesse pick up a rock and climb toward toward the crystals. Duke removes his radio headset and leaps out through the hole in his windsheild in order to stop Jesse. And as Scarlett radios for an update, Dr. Marx escapes from the Joes via a secret exit in the lab. The Baroness orders Duke to surrender the crystals, however, Duke tells the Baroness that she is bluffing. But the Baroness coolly tells Duke that it would be worth losing the crystals if he was destroyed in the explosion.

Lady Jaye radios Scarlett that unless the Joes destroy the machine controlling the minds of their families, the Baroness will destroy the Joes and their families with the crystals. Scarlett and the rest of the Joes wonder if the doctor's warning was real, but then Shipwreck aims his gun at the machine and tells the Joes, "There's no time to argue!" Scarlett gives the order to fire and the machine is blown to pieces.

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