Hey, let's keep this thing on the road! I left my wings at home.
  -- Tripwire (to Gung Ho as the ATV skids to the edge of a cliff)
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Credits: written by Christy Marx

Production Number: 600-36

Original Airdate: October 30, 1985

Version 1: There’s a good reason each member of the Joe team operates under a code name; no man is an island, and every Joe has family members who could be used as hostages by Cobra if their identities were ever uncovered. But when G.I.Joe captures a secret Cobra munitions base, and thus gains control of a totally new crystalline explosive that’s ten times more powerful than nitroglycerine -- and ten time[s] more unstable -- Cobra launches a desperate mission to kidnap family members of several Joes and use those brainwashed relatives as a death squadron to retrieve the Cobra weapon.

Version 2: When G.I.Joe captures a secret Cobra explosive, Cobra kidnaps and brainwashes family members of several Joes as a death squadron to retrieve the Cobra weapon.

G.I.Joe: Duke, Lady Jaye, Dusty, Footloose, Spirit, Barbecue, Scarlett, Shipwreck, Thunder, Wild Bill, Quick Kick, Tripwire Cobra: Tomax, Xamot, Tele-Viper, the Baroness, Crimson Guards, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, AWE Striker, Silver Mirage motorcycle Cobra: Rattler

Since Quick Kick originally told his parents that he might have some emergency stunt work when his G.I.Joe beeper chirped, what would he say to them after they are rescued?

During a scene in which a small drop of sweat trickles down the side of Duke's face, he asks Gung Ho if he can drive over the large rocks on the road, Gung Ho replies, "Well, if I don't, you can kiss that ten bucks I owe you good-bye." After Gung Ho successfully begins to drive over the boulders, Duke replies, "Keep the ten bucks, pal. You just earned 'em." With these two lines and the delivery of the overdue car payment notice in the episode "Skeletons in the Closet, " the viewer may begins to wonder if Gung Ho needs to be a little more frugal with his money.

Scarlett's glove is the wrong color.

Dr. Marx: No! It could destroy their minds!
The Baroness: Do not argue with me, doctor. Do it - now!
Dr. Marx: Very well...
Time: 11 seconds


Gung Ho: More rocks dead ahead.
Duke: Easy does it, Gung Ho.
Lady Jaye: Another jolt like that could be our last.
Tripwire: Lady Jaye sure has a flare for the obvious.
Duke: I can hear those crystals vibrating.
Time: 16 seconds


Time: 4 seconds


Duke: You won’t get the crystals then.
Baroness: It’s worth losing the crystals to destroy you. Make up your mind!
Time: 10 seconds


Patrick O’Hara: Feels good to be out of those snake skins.
Duke: We’ll have you airlifted out of here as soon as -
Time: 10 seconds


Thunder’s father: Get behind these rocks!
Barbecue’s father: Come on, Footloose. Let’s get out of here!
Time: 13 seconds


Cross Country (left)
and Beach Head (right)
Cross Country and Beach Head urge a motorbike driver to wear a helmet.


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