Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll.
  -- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)
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Credits: written by David Carren

Production Number: 600-08

Original Airdate: October 16, 1985

Cobra attacks the U.S. Treasuryís printing plant in Washington. But itís not money theyíre after - or even the printing plates for U.S. currency. They want the top-secret blueprints of Fort Knox - which they use to stage the most incredible robbery of all time!

G.I.Joe: Wild Bill, Duke, Scarlett, Snake Eyes, Thunder, Cover Girl, Gung Ho, Mutt, Junkyard, Joe grunts, Stalker*, Ace, Zap, Short-Fuze* Cobra: Cobra agents, Major Bludd, Cobra Commander, Destro, Zartan, Wild Weasel, Ripper, Torch, Buzzer
G.I.Joe: Dragonfly, Wolverine, Skystriker, Slugger, Silver Mirage motorcycle, Mauler, APC, VAMP, FLAK Cobra: FANG, Rattler
* indicates the character was silent during the episode

Cobra Commander claimed that the US would be broke after stealing all of the gold in Fort Knox, but the theft of the gold bars would not cause the US to fall into financial ruin since the US was not on a gold monetary system but, rather, a fiduciary one at the time the episode was produced. Cobra's leader may have caught on to this fact and later devised his scheme for disintegrating all of the money in the United States, which can be seen in the episode "Money to Burn."

As a tour guide informs the tourists that a wide variety of denominations are printed every day, a nun rips off her clothes and to reveal himself as a Cobra agent, thus creating a nice visual play on word for "denomination."

The lightsaber special effects sound from the film Star Wars was sampled and used while the Joes were cutting into one of the Cobra Bullet's cars with their lasers.

The pan shot of the Joes riding from right to left while attempting to intercept the Cobra bullet was shown twice in the episode.

At the end of the television show The Roy Rogers Show, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans would sing a song called "Happy Trails," and the show receives a nod when Duke yells "Happy trails, Gung Ho!" at the end of the episode.

Duke: Snake Eyes, you see anything?
Snake Eyes: (shrugs)
Duke: All clear inside. How about you Joes outside? Anything to report?
Cover Girl: Cover Girl here, Duke. Not a reptile in sight.
Thunder: This is Thunder. Ditto.
Duke: How does it look at your end, Gung Ho?
Gung Ho: All clear here, Duke. Nothing to report.
Mutt: Aaaahgn! Same here. Nobody, nothin', no how. I'm losing my patience with those snakes.
Junkyard: (barks)
Duke: You gotta have some before you can lose it, Mutt. Just sit tight. They'll show.
Time: 36 seconds


Duke: Cobra's overdue. To pull this off, they'd to have strike soon.
Scarlett: I hope you're not complaining.
Duke: Naw, it's just the sit -
Scarlett: Duke! Look!
Time: 9.5 seconds


Ace: We gotta get our planes in the air!
Time: 14 seconds


Mutt: Donít complain to me. This wasn't my idea.
Time: 6 seconds


General Hawk
Roadblock explains that you should not go near electrical lines that are exposed and on the ground.
Same as original


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