Hungry little devils, aren't they?
  -- Dusty (to a Cobra agent, who is pinned down in a pool filled with piranhas)
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"That man has the constitution of a vending machine."
- Cobra Commander (after Sgt. Slaughter wakes up from the DNA extraction process)

Dr. Mindbender orders the BATs to stop, and as Cobra’s androids lift Slaughter’s body over their heads, Xamot closes the bay doors and Sgt. Slaughter is put in chains before a Night Raven pilot shoots the Joe with a stun gun.

Cobra Commander watches in anger as Mindbender orders the BATs to carry the Joe to the punishment module on the plane and then tells Cobra Commander that Slaughter’s DNA will be used to replace Sun Tzu’s. However, Cobra Commander, who disbelieves the plan will work, yells that Mindbender will create a living traitor. Destro chuckles as Cobra Commander leaves and comments that their leader took the news rather good-naturally, but Dr. Mindbender suspects Cobra Commander has a treacherous plan and orders Destro to watch Cobra Commander.

As the Joes fly and drive equipment back into their headquarters, General Hawk asks for a damage report. Beach Head informs him casualties are 12% and 40% of their vehicles were red-lined or destroyed at the battle. Hawk then tells Beach Head and Duke that he has received reports detailing attacks on the tombs of Eric the Red, Rasputin, Julius Caesar and dozens more and then decides to let a squad of Joes take a crack at rescuing Sgt. Slaughter on Cobra Island.

Meanwhile, four Tele-Vipers deliver the protoplasm armature to Dr. Mindbender’s lab as Destro asks about the possibility of a mutation in the DNA due to the absence of Sun Tzu’s. But Dr. Mindbender replies that he will let “the chips fall where they may” since Slaughter will be the substitute.

Tomax and Xamot complete their experiment in Biology 101 by extracting DNA from Slaughter, who tells the Crimson Guard Commanders that their device had better kill him or else. The shock of the extraction process knocks out the Joe, and as Tomax releases Slaughter and watches him fall to the ground, the twins joke that he will be unconscious for a week.

Cobra Commander, who is watching the DNA extraction process by the twins, catches sight of Sgt. Slaughter climbing to his feet and comments, “That man has the constitution of a vending machine.” Using his thumbnail to remove a screw from the control panel, Sgt. Slaughter begins his attempt to escape and Scrap Iron tells Cobra Commander that he must alert Dr. Mindbender. But Cobra Commander stops him and then tells Scarp Iron that he is off to Mindbender’s lab to make sure “things get out of hand.”

Tomax and Xamot deliver the DNA to Destro and Dr. Mindbender, and as the DNA extractor is attached and its contents mixed with the other leaders, Dr. Mindbender explains that he is ready to give life to the inert protoplasm. Cobra Commander enters the room and shouts for everyone to stop. Destro tells Cobra Commander that his timing is ill-timed and orders him to stand back while the real men do the work. With the backs of the others turned to Cobra Commander, he slips a pink pill into Sgt. Slaughter’s DNA canister.

Dr. Mindbender orders Destro to place a containment shroud over the protoplasm and to activate the bio-thermal inductor. However, the twins remain unimpressed as Mindbender prepares for “vitalization.” Energy crackles around the operating table and the twins note that something is happening.

Sgt. Slaughter rips the control panel off his cell, kicks a Viper in the face, grabs his gun in mid-air and continues his escape. Scrap Iron alerts Destro, however, Cobra Commander quiets him since the experiment is more important. Dr. Mindbender screams for the perfect being to rise from his table, however, a drooling, mad monster leaps off the table and begins to destroy the lab and attack the Cobra agents.

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