With Dial-Tone working for me, Serpentor is as good as finished.
  -- Cobra Commander (after Zarana informs him that Dial-Tone has joined Cobra)
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"Saved a bundle on fire insurance."
- Polly (joking about Alexander the Great's underwater tomb)

With two wrecked walls, the castle begins to crumble around the Joes, who slip into the tomb of Vlad Tempes in hopes of surviving the downpour of rubble. Mutt and Junkyard watch the castle collapse and rush toward the ruins. After Junkyard hears a sound, Alpine questions the possibility of his teammates’ survival - but he is cut off by Mutt as he yells, “Stop jawin’ and start diggin’!”

Meanwhile, the Joes in Siberia are overwhelmed by the BATs and the Cobra Polar troops cross a drawbridge, raise it up and have the BATs destroy the icy moat, a move that shocks Snow Job. After the leader of the Cobra Polar troops grabs the DNA from Ivan the Terrible, he hands it to a Firebat pilot who flies off while under fire from the Joes.

The Cobra Polar agents then immediately surrender, and one of them tells Duke that they don’t have to fight since they will free once Cobra conquers the world. Duke grumbles that unless the Joes start getting their act together, the Cobra creep is right.

General Hawk radios Sgt. Slaughter that Duke is traveling to the tomb of Genghis Khan while he and the other Joes plan to meet up with Slaughter’s team at Sun Tzu’s burial mound at the Yangtze River. Slaughter tells Hawk that Duke shouldn’t beat himself up over Cobra’s victory since the Joes would have a better chance of winning if they knew Cobra’s plan. But Slaughter’s transmission is cut short due to an attack by Cobra.

At Alexander the Great’s tomb, Leatherneck complains about waiting for Cobra and Wet-Suit complains that he can’t stand listening to Leatherneck complain about waiting. Shipwreck tells the two Joes to quit their sophisticated debate and then adds that the Joes have enough problems spotting Cobra since the tomb is underwater. “Saved a bundle on fire insurance,” sqwaks Polly.

After learning from Deep Six and Torpedo that Cobra is not in sight or on radar, Shipwreck raises his binoculars and continues to watch two women water ski. However, he catches sight of Destro on a hydrofoil, curses himself for falling for the decoys and orders the Joes to attack with their Devil Fish.

Shipwreck sinks a Cobra Moray and Wet-Suit asks Leatherneck if his aim has improved since they went target shooting. Leatherneck fires four missiles and hits one of the two remaining Morays. “Hah ha! Took you four missiles!” Wet-Suit shouts. “AAWW! Nothing satisfies you!” Leatherneck yells back.

While Shipwreck orders then to stop bickering and start fighting, Destro shoots an oil tanker with a torpedo, and the flames block the Joes from continuing their pursuit. Destro and two Eels jump into the water and Wet-Suit slips out of his Devil Fish and warns Torpedo that a "trio of sea serpents" are swimming toward him.

Cobra attacks and Deep Six pilots the SHARC away from Torpedo and picks up Wet-Suit so that the Joes can catch Cobra in a crossfire. But Destro pulls out a foam bomb and the Joes are caught in a gaseous cloud that hardens and floats up toward the oil slick fire.

Wet-Suit, who has one arm free, fires a grappling hook at a sinking ships, hooks onto the side of it and prevents the Joes from floating up to the fire. Torpedo radios Shipwreck for help, however, they can’t offer any assistance since they are busy trying to save the sailors from the destroyed oil tanker. And Destro escapes with the DNA of Alexander the Great.

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