Um, help me join the Joe team?
  -- Amber (to Quick Kick after he jokingly asks what he is going to do with her)
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"Let’s hear it for me!"
- Zarana (after escaping a boobytrap and stealing Amon-Toth's DNA)

Before Thrasher makes the killing shot, he turns to Zartan and asks if he is officially a member of the Dreadnoks, but while everyone is distracted, Slaughter pulls out a tear gas grenade and throws it at the mercenaries. The Joes run into the cabin and look for a back door. As Zartan screams for Thrasher to attack the Joes, Slaughter punches at the stone wall so the Joes can escape the cabin.

Thrasher destroys the cabin and Zarana picks up Slaughter’s hat, which was knocked off as he dove out, and tells the others that the Joes won’t tell their grandkids about this tale. Zartan tells Thrasher that he and his fellow Dreadnoks have work to do, and the other members of the Dreadnoks mutter that they don’t want anything to do with Thrasher.

Beach Head explains to Hawk and the other Joes that Cobra has targeted the tombs of Napolean, General Amon-Toth, Vlad Tempes, who is also known as Count Dracula, Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, Montazuma, Alexander the Great and Ivan the Terrible.

Beach Head notes that the list is incomplete and wonders what could be left in the tombs since anything worth stealing would have been already stolen. Hawk explains that he doesn’t understand Cobra’s latest plan, but if the Joes do nothing, they will regret it. Therefore, he divides the Joes into small counter-strike teams that are assigned to various targets on the list.

While leading a column of Maulers through Paris, General Hawk stops in front of the mayor and is told that he cannot progress any further since he shaking the city to the very foundations. Hawk tries to explain that with anything less than the firepower of the Maulers could place the Joes at a serious disadvantage. But the mayor kicks Hawk’s tank and explains that his problems are not his concern. General Hawk orders the tanks to be turned around and adds that the Joes in Paris will have to defend Napolean’s tomb with AWE Strikers and LCV Recon Sleds. Hawk asks Sci Fi, who has set up an observation post at the top of a church, to keep an eye out for Cobra since the Joes will need all the advance notice they can get.

Duke radios Hawk and tells him that he and his team, who are aboard Snow Cats, are on their way to Ivan the Terrible’s tomb and adds that he is surprised the Russian were willing to lend a hand. Flint chips in that he would be happy to trade with either of the other Joe leaders since he is hacking his way through the “world’s meanest salad,” the Yucatan, and is about an hour’s march from Montazuma’s tomb. Dusty radios Hawk that his team, which is guarding Amon-Toth’s burial site in Egypt, is an operation that is moving as smooth as cat’s fur on a marble floor. But his report is interrupted by a woman who drives a truck towards Dusty, falls out of the driver’s seat and begs for the Joes' help because her family and village was attacked by Cobra.

Dusty tells her to not worry and drives off on a HAVOC and leads several Joes to fight Cobra. As soon as the Joes leave, the pleading lady, rips off her wig and garb and calls the Joes “sentimental fools” and Zarana enters the tomb. While listening to the audio tape prepared by Dr. Mindbender who explains about the traps in the tomb, Zarana dodges arrows before she hears about them on the tape. The Joes don’t find the village and turn around and drive back to the tomb as quickly as possible, but Zarana manages to place the DNA extractor on General Amon-Toth’s mummified body and activates the machine while a spiked ceiling slowly comes down and as her foot is caught in a boobytrap.

Elsewhere in the desert, Cross Country is unable to find any tracks, so he and the Joes head back to the tomb.

Zarana grabs the DNA extractor, slips out of her boot and jumps to safety. Standing at the doorway she shouts, “Let’s hear it for me!” But Dusty and the other Joes arrive and surround the truck she drove into their camp. The truck splits in half and Thrasher drives the Thunder Machine with Zarana away from the Joes. She bids a farewell to the Joes, calls them morons and the Joes pursue.

They chase Thrasher and Zarana into a valley with a dam at the end, and Thrasher shoots the dam and drives up one side of the valley to escape the oncoming water. The Joes are buried under the waves and Hawk radios Dusty for an update, but Slipstream reports to Hawk that he doesn’t see any sign of survivors.

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