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Home News December 2005 6th

Hard Time: Season 2 #1 Debuts Tomorrow
December 6, 2005 - 9:35 pm (Central)
Hard Time: Season 2 #1 ($2.50), which was written by Steve Gerber and Mary Skrenes, will debut tomorrow at a comic book store near you. Below is the solicitation for the issue:
One of the most acclaimed new series of 2004 returns! Sentenced to 50 years to life for his role in a high school prank gone tragically wrong, Ethan Harrow has just turned 16 in a maximum-security prison. Heís made fast friends, earned mortal enemies, and even gotten his first kiss from a mysterious girl named Red. Above all else, Ethanís only just started to learn the boundaries of superpowers he didnít know he had!

The original HARD TIME team of legendary writer Steve Gerber (Howard the Duck, The Defenders) & Mary Skrenes (Omega the Unknown) and breakout talent Brian Hurtt (Queen & Country, GOTHAM CENTRAL) return for a second season that follows Ethanís quest for a new trial - and reveals the secret histories of the lost souls inside State Penitentiary. Superpowers have never been this real!

To view the cover and first four pages from Hard Time: Season 2 #1, which was reviewed by CHUD.com, TheFourthRail.com and NinthArt.com, please visit MileHighComics.com.

If you enjoy the issue, please share your thoughts on Mr. Gerber's blog. Information about issues #2 and #3 is available at DCComics.com.

Also, while talking about the first season of Hard Time with UGO.com, Mr. Gerber was asked:

UGO: Were the cartoons you worked on in the 1980's good times?

Steve Gerber: Particularly, G.I. Joe was a terrific time. We had an incredible group of writers and -- for that time -- an incredible group of dedicated animators.

UGO: Did you work with Paul Dini and J. Michael Straczynski?

Steve Gerber: Paul wrote an episode of G.I. Joe for me, and a whole host of comic book people worked on G.I. Joe, like Denny O'Neil, Christy Marx, Marv Wolfman, and maybe Len Wein and Roy Thomas.

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