What? No werewolves?
  -- Gung Ho (after a base commander tells the Joe not to scoff his country's legends)
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Welcome to JoeGuide.com
December 1, 2005 - 7:00 pm (Central)
After sixteen months of silence, the site formerly known as QKTheatre.com has been redesigned and relaunched as JoeGuide.com, a name change that serves as a reflection of the vast differences between the appearances of the sites and the amount of new material now available.

However, the relaunch should not be considered as my return as an active member in the G.I.Joe community. Because 100% of my creative energy is dedicated to building and improving DavidMackGuide.com, which features the artwork and stories of the incredibly talented and very supportive David Mack (who is a G.I.Joe fan as well), my involvement with JoeGuide.com will be limited to uploading files related to Sunbow's series as well as links to G.I.Joe news stories that pique my interest.

In other words, I do not have any plans to update the news section every day with every G.I.Joe-related news item as I did from October 2000 to June 2004 at QKTheatre.com. Besides, JoeBattlelines.com, ToyNewsI.com and YoJoe.com are all doing a terrific job of sharing news.

(Of course, if I was hired as a part-time corporate blogger by Hasbro, I'd be happy to change my position :)

As mentioned earlier, updates at JoeGuide.com will focus on Sunbow's G.I.Joe series, and the first round features some pages from my voluminous collection of production materials, which includes: animation cels, character and weapon model designs, scripts, storyboards and the writers' guide.

If you know anyone who has some production materials from the 1980s G.I.Joe series, please email me so that I can help share their collection. As always, fans will receive credit for their contributions.

I hope everyone enjoys the new website, which is still dedicated to showcasing one of the best series to ever air on television - Sunbow's G.I.Joe series.

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