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  -- Gerber Landsford (after "Honest" Gerky tells him that he is fired)
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Issue #59: Divergent Paths
Publication Date: May 1987
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Ron Wagner
Inker: Bob McLeod
Lettering: Joe Rosen
Colorist: George Roussos


"This birdbrain is crazier than Dr. Mindbender! I'm sick and tired of whackos in funny suits!"
- Cobra Commander (after he is introduced to Raptor)

After the seventh agent in Cobra's Crimson Guard "Fred" series makes the final adjustments on Billy's mechanical leg, Billy saves himself from falling to the ground by somersaulting backwards through the air and landing in a martial arts defensive stance called a modified, low iron horse. While Billy confesses that he doesn't know where he learned the technique, Dusty and Crankcase visit their teammates in a desert to inform them that they are traveling to Fort Carson. Cobra Commander verbally bashes Raptor's appearance, but the man dressed as a bird hacks into the US Army's accounting mainframe and learns that Nicky Lee, a possible member of the Joe team, has requested his paycheck to be forwarded to Jerkwater Flats, Utah, where a gas station sold large amounts of diesel fuel in exchange for army vouchers. Raptor spins a small version of the APC in front of his falcons and Cobra finds the APC. Using the Cobra Pogo, Cobra Commander attacks the Joes, however, after a battle in a tunnel, Cobra Commander is forced to retreat.

G.I.Joe: Dusty, Crankcase, Grand Slam, Thunder, Steeler, Tunnel Rat, General Hawk, Cross Country, Outback, Clutch, Jinx Cobra: Cobra Commander (version 2), Raptor
G.I.Joe: AWE Striker, SLAM, HAVOC, APC Cobra: Pogo

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A Cobra agent spots the Joes and asks about the "new Cobra Commander," who hops into Pogo and leaps from one plateau to another before ordering Raptor to join him in battle. Raptor's falcons attack Back Stop and drop him into a river while Cobra Commander shoots at General Hawk, however, the Joes' leader dives for cover while ordering Tunnel Rat and Outback to set up a "SLAM defense." The Joes burst into the scene with the SLAM, anchor the weapon into the ground and counter-attack Cobra Commander's Pogo assault. Raptor leaps off of a ledge and takes a shot at the Joes, and while Tunnel Rat covers Outback, the Joe continues his battle with Cobra Commander.

G.I.Joe: General Hawk, Backstop, Tunnel Rat, Outback Cobra: Cobra Commander (version 2), Raptor, Cobra agent
G.I.Joe: Persuader, Silver Mirage motorcycle, AWE Striker, SLAM Cobra: Pogo

Joe's in trouble
He's got it bad
'cause Cobra's got a Pogo
And its hopping mad
On the run
For a gun
G.I.Joe a real American hero

What will happen? Find out in Marvel Comics!

The Pogo's battle with the G.I.Joe SLAM in the comic commercial was recycled in the animation portion of the advertisement for the toy, but one of the scenes included a SLAM that was destroyed by a shot form the Pogo.

The commercial featured the voice talents of Christopher Latta (Cobra Commander) and Edmund Gilbert (General Hawk).

Scenes from the commercial were reused in the animation segments for following toy advertisement:
· G.I.Joe SLAM and Cobra Pogo

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