No tipping, please.
  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
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Issue #14: Destro Attacks
Publication Date: August 1983
Writer: Larry Hama
Penciler: Mike Vosburg
Inker: Jon D'Agostino
Lettering: Joe Rosen
Colorist: Christie Scheele


"You got it. That factory is moving to Matchstick City!"
- Ace (replying to Hawk's request for a furniture factory to be destroyed)

Inside an underwater bunker, Snake Eyes and Dr. Venom attack one another, but Kwinn reminds them that unless they cooperate, they will all die. Meanwhile, at Joe headquarters, Hawk and several other Joes enlarge a microdot on a viewscreen and as soon as they learn that they may have discovered Cobra's elusive Springfield headquarters, General Flagg signs the attack order. After Kwinn opens the door to the underwater bunker, Snake Eyes and Dr. Venom, who knocks Kwinn out with a wrench, swim to the surface and are captured by Cobra agents. Destro learns that the Baroness is piloting Cobra Commander to Springfield and quickly assembles a Cobra airborne unit, parachutes two miles outside of the city and intercepts the Joes after running five miles and shooting anyone in his squad who falls behind. Elsewhere, Cobra Commander and the Baroness watch Dr. Venom's toxin kill a Cobra volunteer rather than transforming him into a carrier of a deadly plague. As the Joes engage Cobra's forces in Springfield, Hawk catches sight of a factory roof opening up as well as a missile silo. Quickly concluding that Cobra is about to launch an ICBM, Hawk orders Ace to destroy the factory. Ace fires several missiles at the Cobra factory, but Cobra Commander and the Baroness fly out of the silo in a super-sonic jet while the furniture factory/Cobra lab is obliterated.

G.I.Joe: Snake Eyes, Doc, Hawk, Scarlett, Breaker, Clutch, Stalker, Gung Ho, Grunt, Zap, Rock 'n' Roll, Ace, General Flagg, Wild Bill, Kwinn Cobra: Dr. Venom, the Baroness, Destro, Cobra Commander, Scar Face, Cobra agents
G.I.Joe: APC, Skystriker  

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Destro enters Cobra Commander's war room and explains with raised fists that he will show Cobra's leader how to destroy the Joes. After Cobra Commander tosses aside his aide, who dumbly pointed out Destro's presence, the weapons dealer explains that they will attack G.I.Joe at a location on the viewscreen. The MOBAT and APC are attacked by Cobra, however, Gung Ho, Tripwire and several Joes piloting Skystrikers repel the attack led by Cobra Commander and Destro, who are both determined to find the Joes' headquarters while retreating.

G.I.Joe: Gung Ho, Tripwire, Hawk, Scarlett Cobra: Cobra Commander, Destro, Cobra agent
G.I.Joe: APC, Skystriker  

He's the terrifying enemy of G.I.Joe
Destro is his name
Destro is his name
G.I.Joe a real American Hero
Fighting Cobra and Destro

But will they? Read the further adventures of G.I.Joe in Marvel Comics!

Because the last shot of issue number 11's advertisement matches the opening shot of issue 14 's, the commercialsnow feature a storyline, one which focuses on Cobra's determination to locate and destroy G.I.Joe headquarters.

Like the previous comic book commercials, the ending features the cover of the comic placed against a neutral blue background, which indicates the advertisement was aired in the national network market, such as between Saturday morning cartoons.

On page three of issue 19, the fourth panel (left image) bears a strong resemblence to a scene in the commercial for issue 14 (right image).

As seen in the right image in the first row of the Screen Captures section, Destro is holding a gun that would become the standard issue weapon for Cobra agents in "The MASS Device," "The Weather Dominator" and the first season of the Sunbow series.

Scenes from the commercial were reused in the animation segments for following toy advertisements:
· G.I.Joe APC
· G.I.Joe Skystriker

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