Shipwreck's a crook! Shipwreck's a crook!
  -- Polly (after Flint asks Shipwreck how he knows so much about an old smuggler's hideout)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Raider & Cobra Condor Z25 (1989)

This sequence is a rare example of the sound effects playing a dominating role in the animation sequences for the toy commercials as heard by the roar of the planes, the bomb explosions and the noise of the missiles when they are launched.
Another animation goof may have occurred in the commercial. When the Cobra Condor is flying over the G.I.Joe base, the search lights from the G.I.Joe Raider were shining from the lower right corner to the upper left corner (as seen in the first picture in the row above). However, as the Condor flies close to the ground, the Raider drives from the left side of the screen to the right with its lights shining from the lower left to the upper right before activating its searchlights and turning them toward the Condor. However, in the tradition of Marvel's No-Prize, I have a logical explanation: there were two Raiders and the second one turned on its lights after the Condor passed over it since the Condor was out of range from the first Raider's lights. So how about a No-Prize, Marvel??? (yeah, right...)
This is the first time a nighttime sky with visible stars has been created for a commercial animation sequence, and Sunbow completed the job admirably.

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