How badly do you want to know?
  -- Destro (to Mutt, who wonders why the world has turned against the Joes)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Cobra Adder, G.I.Joe R.P.V. & Destro's Despoiler (1988)

Even though the darkly colored inking approach is used for the third time, the results still look fantastic! The gleam on the metal of the vehicles causes the weapons to appear even more sinister.
Under what James Joyce might call "coalcoveredclouds," Road Pig (lower left corner) runs for cover. As always, Sunbow strives to mirror reality by coloring objects that are located further from the viewer in cooler colors.
This is one of my favorite shots due to the clash of styles. Destro and his Despoiler have a very sharp, gleaming and sleek look while the trees in the background appear to have been painted with oils and look slightly washed. Also, the dark color of the trees behind the ultra bright lasers is a great contrast and enhances the image considerably.

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