How badly do you want to know?
  -- Destro (to Mutt, who wonders why the world has turned against the Joes)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe & Cobra Action Packs - Part II (1988)

In four seconds of animation, the audience is introduced to several G.I.Joe and Cobra characters. In the first image, Lt. Falcon kicks Big Boa aside while Law fires a shot at a Cobra Night Raven.
Fast Draw is knocked down as a Techno-Viper drills from the ground below him and destroys Law's action pack.
As Sneak Peak crawls across a canyon with his Rope Walker, Raptor takes a shot at the him, however, Sneak Peak manages to deliver to Raptor a small form of retribution, a good hard kick to the chest.
Meanwhile, heading toward the audience on a deadly intercept course is Croc Master, who is using his Rope Crosser.

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