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Home Toy Commercial Animation Cobra Pogo & G.I.Joe SLAM (1987)

The sequence opens with the Cobra Pogo evading missiles from two G.I.Joe SLAMs, however, the Pogo destroys the SLAM located in the distant treeline and no one jumps to safety.
As the Cobra Pogo moves from one rocky ridge on the left, over the surviving SLAM and to another ridge on the right, the camera starts with a side shot of the SLAM, pulls back and then turns 90 degrees to place the SLAM in the center of the screen. With the shifting points of view, the animators are able to create a sense of agility and mobility for Cobra Pogo.

At first glance, the animation looks like it was reused from the comic book commercial for issue #59, however, the scenes in this sequence are only pattered after the TV spot. There are two distinct differences between the toy animation sequence and the comic book commercial: one, the Cobra Pogo is much smaller in the toy animation; two, there are two G.I.Joe SLAMs in the toy animation but only one in the comic book ad. The next question is: was this a rough cut sequence that was originally part of the of the comic book ad or vice versa?

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