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Home Toy Commercial Animation Sgt. Slaughter, Triple-T Tank & Contest (1986)

As you can tell by the images on the left and right, very little creativity was used in the opening shot of the animation sequence for the in-store Sgt. Slaughter figure (left image) when compared to the mail-in version's shot (right).
The animators almost accomplished an incredible feat - accurately mirroring a scene. Unfortunately, the Viper, who is located in the background of the right image, is on the wrong side of the Dreadnok Thundermachine. This scene also shows that the Thundermachine was mass-produced like any other Cobra vehicle rather than one of a kind in the cartoon series. The reflection on Sgt. Slaughter's sunglasses was a camera technique also used in the comics book commercial for issue #72.
A small shortcut was used in the animation sequence. If you look closely at the images on the left and right, you can see two Cobra Vipers who remain static while all of the other Vipers are animated. If this shot was composed of several layers of cels, one of the cels could have been left out by accident.

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