Oh, swell.
  -- Shipwreck (as he notices the USS Trogon firing missiles over his head and into the water while swimming in the ocean)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Tomahawk (1986)

Watching the dust cling to tires is always fun to watch, although seeing the same chase scene from the animation segment in the AWE and Bridgelayer advertisement but with reversed positions is unoriginal. This time Dr. Mindbender riding a Cobra Ferret after the AWE Striker.
This is one of the funnier shots to watch if you scroll through the sequence frame by frame. Moments before the Toamhawk lands, Roadblock and several of the Joes leap an unrealistically far distance from the helicopter before it lands. Perhaps some cels were dropped in order for the animation sequence to fit into the allotted time within the commercial. Like Serpentor and the Cobra Stun, the Tomahawk's design and color scheme was modified before making its debut in the second season.

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