Great shooting, General Hawk. That oughta win you a cupie doll.
  -- Sci Fi (after General Hawk destroys a giant snake)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Surveillance Port, LAW & Outpost Defender (1986)

This is the last time Major Bludd, who is piloting the Cobra Flight Pod, will appear in his brown and silver uniform. On a reality note, it seems absolutely ridiculous that Leatherneck would take a shot at the Trouble Bubble flying in the air since the explosion would be close enough to him that he would be deep fried.
Even as the nearly unstoppable and very deadly Cobra BATs move in for the kill, Sunbow still pays attention to the background detail by inking objects furthest from the viewer in cooler colors and also blurring distant objects to add a sense of depth.

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