Like, how can you be so totally uncool, Low-Light?
  -- Satin (to Low-Light after receiving an invitation to a party)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Cobra Emperor - Serpentor (1986)

As Cobra Commander picks up a globe and tosses it at Doctor Mindbender and Destro, the scene reminds me of Charlie Chaplin's first "talkie" movie, The Great Dictator. Because the scene is very similar in appearance and strangely appropriate given the title of Chaplin's film, could the animators have been paying homage to Chaplin?
Judging by some of the equipment in the background, Sepentor's baby crib is a shadowy lab similar to many Frankenstien movies.
All of the scenes from the animation sequence were recycled from the comic book commercial for issue #49, which detailed the birth of Serpentor, whose color scheme was changed between the comics book commercial and the opening sequence for the second season.

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