Like, how can you be so totally uncool, Low-Light?
  -- Satin (to Low-Light after receiving an invitation to a party)
Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Snow Cat - Versions I & II (1985)

Rather than confront the Cobra forces by driving straight into them, the G.I.Joe Snowcat hops behind their enemies by using a nearby snow-covered hill as a ramp. The shadow on the ground created by the Snow Cat is a nice touch of realism to the scene.
The next scene depicts the Snow Cat stopping briefly so that it can destroy a Stinger and then plowing forward to attack the rest of Cobra's forces from behind.
As the Snow Cat contiunes its destructive run in the snow, it appears to 'slide' away from the viewer for no logical reason. Cobra Flight Pods briefly chase the Snow Cat before they fly away or are shot down off-screen. The Snow Cat also demonstrates the use of its snowpedoes and the animators use the bomb on a ski as a motion vector that connects to --
-- a warm and explosive scene featurin a Stinger blowing up in the snow. The mad scramble for cover is a very creative and exciting solution to Hasbro's mandate that every character must parachute to safety in the cartoon series.

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