You better pack for a long stay in intensive care because when Iím done with your cub scouts - Iím coming after you!"
  -- Leatherneck (to Buck McCann before the Cobra cadets hunt the Joe in a forest)
Home Toy Commercial Animation CLAW, Sky Hawk & Action Figures (1984)

The small flurries of snow were a nice touch by Sunbow as Storm Shadow glides through the sky on a CLAW, a scene that may have been recycled from the comic book commercial for issue #24.
The multiple camera angles and varying speeds create a tense, action-filled sequence and demonstrates a vast improvement over the animated scenes in 1982 and 1983.
Although Storm Shadow, Duke, Roadblock and other Joes are seen in the commercial as well as the animation, only Cobra Commander is mentioned in the song: "Cobra Commander - he's the enemy / the enemy of G.I.Joe."
A disembodied voice, one not easily associated with a character, can be heard shouting, "He's escaping!" Another great addition to the scenary was the bright beams of sunlight which are seen as the Sky Hawk rises into the air and then fade as the camera angle shifts.

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