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Home Toy Commercial Animation G.I.Joe Headquarters (1983)

Although Destro's voice was heard when the scene first appeared in the commercial for issue #16, a chant about G.I.Joe is heard instead when the scene is recycled.
Because the wingspan of the Skystriker in the image on the left could not equal the length of G.I.Joe headquarters, a descrepancy in the size of the two objects is seen. The scene was recycled from the comic book commercial for issue #19.
Scenes from issue #18's commercial are reused for the fifth time.
As seen by the images on the left and right, the animation cels were reversed during the production of the sequence. The image on the left first appeared in the commercial for issue #16.
Because the animation sequence was for the first G.I.Joe headquarters, all of the animated scenes featuring the base were included with the advertisement. However, this scene, which was recycled from issue #19, has a black-colored gun, a color different from the scene that appeared earlier in this sequence as well as in the orginal comic book commercial.

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