No tipping, please.
  -- Cobra robot consignor (to the Joes after introducing the Cobra Cuties)
Home Toy Commercial Animation Destro (1983)

Pulled from the commercial for issue #19, this clip features Destro riding on top of a HISS and taking a shot at G.I.Joe.
This scene, which originally appeared in the comic book commercial for the 18th issue, includes a headshot that shows some of the character design differences of Destro in the commercials and the animated series. For example, Destro's character design in the commercial animation does not have green eyes and always has his wrist rockets and grenades attached to his gloves, which are great features to his costume. Plus, Destro's thick, black eyebrows are not included with the commercial animation design.
Scenes from issue #16 are recycled, and although Destro is not seen in the clip, the previous scene half-way effectively leads into this one, due mostly to the shots of battle.
This short sequence, which was first seen for issue #19 of the comic book series, could be considered as part of the battle theme for the entire sequence. Since the Joes are retreating from right to left, the calvary, moving from left to right, could be arriving and initiating a counter-attack. However, the sand on the ground would be a continuity problem with this possibility because of the city background in the previous scene.

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